Sunday, July 31, 2016

Court 246 Houston TX should learn the meaning of child support.

Like the saying goes It takes a village to raise a child. For family courts  to dictate finical child support with guidance from the Attorney General Office is always going to be a disaster. How many of us love our electric, telephone, tax and mortgage companies? Not many am sure. When family courts add children to this list, both parent and child  loose and relationships are strained and degraded forever.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Court 246 Houston may have sealed the fate of Major

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Decision of court may have sealed the fate of Major our puppy.

Poor decision can affect the lives of so many known and so much unknown. By court 246 removing father from his home after  traveling 30 miles  with his daughtet to purchase this puppy. Today Major s isolated in a back yard no one to play with  and a feed and water routine adhock at best.

This is a family pet that is special and is cherished. Since the court has driven the father from his house and the children are scattered  pets are given little attention.
Plants are not watered and are degrading with the summer heat. Judges of court 246  continue to live life as normal not a care for the damage they have caused.

It is sickening when people who should know better perpetuate acts that are so extreme  that so many lives could be devastated to such horrible extent.

The 14 Amendment could prevent family court from removing father from his home.

The 14th  Amendment clearly protect Americans from Government actions that bears negatively on their Life, Liberty and happiness to include confiscating property (home) without a hearing. The court may argue the ruling is temporary. Can you imagine being removed from your home temporarily for more than a month? Now the court is proposing extending it's ruling for another month. In the courts opinion are these delays in the interest of the children.

Judges in court 246 take the liberty to make these outrageously strange rulings under the cover of protecting  children. To the judges of  court 246 Houston, It has primary responsibility for the well being of children with support of AG office. To say a  temporary ruling from a judge  cannot be appealed and that the court can play with scheduling a ruling when it suites them  is ridiculous. The children need to be assured a home and a parent responsible for providing stability to their lives. For the AG office to complain of paper work while a father and his children are separated by a court without a hearing is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Can you imagine a court having the ability to change ownership of a house even temporarily without a hearing. How do they determine responsibility to the mortgage company, insurance for the home, payments for utilities, liability and debt accrued as a result of someone else having the house? Can one appreciate the complications that the court is taking upon itself?

Two cases bear out this fact. Washington  V  Glucksburg and  Meyer V  Nebraska. The fact that the highest Courts in America have ruled in the affirmative regarding these cases give comfort to minority males.

Also arbitrary re Set's can be avoided by filing Mandamus.

I am not  an attorney far from one and am not providing legal advice. I am pointing individuals to resources that will help them equip  them with tools necessary to cope with court pressures and illegal rulings from family court.

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I am following a case in court 246 Houston and this video spell out some issues that I am experiencing  in family court.

The Family Court without a Lawyer - Video 2 of 3

This video gives you a preview into the family court. Although not US media like these will provide a culture to these courts.

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Minority cases involving minorities have to be reviewed for the good of community structure.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Once again family court 246 puts children on hold

Concluding a court hearing to determine the future of two children  the judge  from 246 Family court Houston decided to prolong their suspense  and uncertainty by resetting the hearing for the 19th of September while the children life continues In limbo.

The court did not inform anyone that the judge  who was to hear the case was away so persons waiting for hearings from the judge were in court till mid day. This was when the court calmly informed waiting  parties the judge was not available. Court 246 operates worse than a candy shop. This judge does not understand that school is about to begin and  that the children need a home to live and a parent to care for them since he gave their home to an abandoning mother who does not have the resources to care for a home or children while maintaining a heavy night life any joggling between two minimum wage jobs.

The children need to know who will be responsibly for their support and supplies. These questions should  have been answered prior to the judges of court 246 removing them from the care of their home and care of their father.

I am calling on the judges of court 246 Houston Texas to schedule an Imergency hearing to finalize outstanding issues regarding this case. It is unconscionable that this court continues to disregard rights associated with these minority children. And continue to disrupt the lives of these children indefinitely.

I love sitting in court listening to case one of my passion since 1981.

I have been siting in family court witnessing a trial involving two clients and two attorneys non minorities. This hearing seem to involve procedures for a jury trial. It has gone on for about an hour with no end in sight. On the contrary, this same court would not allow 30 minutes for a trial that would determine the future of two minority children, also whether a permanent residence exists for the children at the conclusion of the divorce trial. Remember

Remember the court made the determine to remove the father from his lawful residence and gave the mother home and children. Now she has one home, one apartment, utilities, food for her and two children as her responsibility. The father has decided to walk away from the house  and it is questionable whether the mother of the children will be able to keep the house with a salary of less that $12.00 an hour.

The court after so many years of experience with family matters, could not see the results of its actions in this case is beyond me. The court could have admonished the mother regarding her temper and issues of behavior or  give her temporary custody of the children, without throwing the father on the street. The court awarded the residence of the children and the residence itself more than a year ago. Am sitting in the court 15 feet from the judge giving these attorneys all the time they need rightfully so and very professional.

Where was that patience and professional  wisdom when a trial to displace a father and  destroy the consistency  and stability of the children was being heard

Judge request band aid in minority custody case in Houston.

A family court judge flirts with  applying a band aid for a case involving a father thrown out of his house by a highly contested and controversial default order. The judge promised a speedy reset hearing, but after weeks with the children and their residency in doubt, the father out of his house thrown out with only the clothes on his back, the judge at a  hearing  express concerns and  thought of a band aid as a temporary means of mitigating the prolong I'll effect of the case.

Off course drama would follow when the attorney for the Attorney General Office complaint of having to prepare new documents bearing  in mind a final trail was scheduled for two weeks. It is amazing that an attorney charged with protecting children would claim preparing papers  would burden the office of the Almighty Attorney General.

The Office had no problems producing papers for visitation and child support days earlier when it favored the mother. When the card is turned and the motion to set aside is filed by the minority father, the Almighty Attorney General Office claims it would be burdened by having to prepare  paper work.

The AG office is  paid for by tax payers the minority father is classified as such. Yet the most damaging component is the court and AG office  would not recognise the children locked in a life of uncertainty. How long will this lynching continue.

Am following this case in Family Court today not expecting to change the tone of this story in any way. Something however is different with the atmosphere in the court. The Judge seem to be more humane and tensions seem to be less in contrast to other experiences.

I cannot wait for the excuse of the court and AG representative this time around. Maybe this is a day when at least one minority male will leave court 246 with the feeling that they have received justice.

With school soon to reopen children need assurance and consistency. Let's hope one way or another they will receive a ruling that will result in near normal living conditions.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Protect our children family court and AG Houston

We need a family court  that is sensitive to the needs of our children and treats their parents equally to the benfits of our children.
Houston courts have to remove fear from especially minority males and be equally fair to all who unfortunately have to visit their courts.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Parents role with child support and visitation.

Parents should be given first choice at determining child support and visitation as part of a divorce. Child support cannot  be seen as financial only. Financial support is only a token of what is needed for the upkeep and maintenance of a child. Court determined financial child support interferes with the relationship between parents and children. Court determined child support and visitation places friction between family and makes future relationships difficult to begin and maintain.
If the possibility exists for the family to work out responsibilities that thought should be encouraged since  the results would benefit all concern.
One can only imagine the friction when family members visitation and custody is determined by the Court and Attorney general. Imagine a family that has existed for 20 years and more having to be told how and when future family decisions should be made. At the conclusion of the relationship the court and other institution determines the most essential components of the relationship between children and parents. These are decision likely to continue to affect lives for many years.
I find it strange that a civilized society find it normal for parents who worship their children to be told  money amounts to pay, custody and when they are allowed to see their children all based on decisions that do not necessarily reflect the wishes of those involved. The time has come for decisions to be made outside the courts. The time has come when society is less concerned with punitive measures and recognize benefits that can be derived from decisions that are mutually acceptable to the parties involved.
Let us work towards giving families the opportunity to make decisions if possible and don't regulate these vital decisions. It could be the family agrees to have the mother provide for example domestic items and investments, while the father provide insurance, school supplies, out of school recreation and a combination of expense items.
The idea is to allow the family difficult as it may seem to formulate a plan for the support of the children. Government and courts are much too involved and too dictatorial when it comes to family matters. Government and the legal institutions should not be the first authority used to determine child support to include visitation and custody.

Family court Houston removes father from his home of 14 years.

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This  violent mother who has had three fights with her 15 year old daughter in the  last 22 months was placed in the house with two minor children. This  mother is attacking a lady with an electric  saw she is using to damage the residence, she is being restrained by her 15 year old while the 11 year old heads for higher ground.

Is this the best we can do America?
Is this the best our American Family courts can do. Are they ever going to be held responsible for their actions that bring so much harm to so many families and devastate so many children.

A tribute to kids affected by decisions of judges from family courts

Children like flowers I picture them the same. They bring out the sunshine and hold back the rain. If I can only have my way to change our nation's thoughts today I would gather all who have power in America and to them I would say. Don't harm the children people, please let them be. Don't hurt the children people for if you do your life will end in shame

Family court judges don't hurt our children.  Politicians don't hurt our chilren. Americans don't hurt our children. If you cannot help just leave them alone.

Thanks and God bless.

Family court rulings may affect children when school reopens.

When school opens next month, children affected when their primary parent was abruptly changed by family court will experience uncertainties that were not present in earlier school years. In a recent case the court removed a father from his home where he cared for his children ages 16 and 10. The court gave the mother who had abandoned the house years earlier primary custody for the children and demanded the father left the house, pay child support and could visit the children with a schedule more complicated than that of  preparing a space craft for flight.

The mother on the other hand has not seen or communicated with the 10 year old  for days. The child is with the father building her very impressive hamster village and baking pastries. The 16 year old is now virtually alone since the mother works all day till evening and off course has her apartment to spend time and remember she abandoned the house years ago, has lease and utilites to pay for her apartment and the burden given by the court to pay  for a house, house maintenance, utilites and other house owner related expenses.

How could a family court get it so wrong. The family court judge promised a speedy hearing more than a month ago. She expressed concern for the children and promised a resolution in days. On 30th June she flirted with a band aid to address the problem until the final hearing in August. There has been no change to this day.  Today the children  are confused  and have to suffer greatly, the court goes along merrily with its business. Care not what doesn't affect me. Mother's attorney has earned his pound of flesh, the Attorney General Office has made its numbers more attractive and the father continues his  efforts at keeping his children sane while to seek to keep a roof over his own head.

This cannot be a picture taken in America. Can court 246 Houston ever make right a wrong that is so obvious.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Family courts ignore sensitivity issues when dealing with children.

When dealing with children affairs, sensitivity is the watch word. Continuity is vital for assurance and self esteem. Every institution and business adhere to the code of conduct protect children at all cost. Law enforcement and legal institutions have the obligation to safe guard children from and situation that can negatively impact their experience.

This sensitivity should be extended from the courts especially those that deal with family issues. When the family is in turmoil, children are affected the most and are at their most vulnerable state. Their minds are wondering, their security is threatened and their world is spinning out of control. Parents are so busy trying to gain and advantage and have control of situations that they face, children needs often take second place.

Family courts should show restraint and exercise commonsense and sensitivity when dealing with children regardless of the children involved. Children are the pride, joy and inspiration for parents and to a lesser degree the community at large. Like the Bible says it is better that a milestone be cast around ones neck and  be thrown into water than for someone to hurt children. For those of us who believe in the Bible it is written suffer not the children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of God.

One of the stunning verses of the Bible reads unless we humble ourselves not unlike children we will never enter the kingdom of God. I say emphatically, no one has or will harm children without suffering  consequences on earth in their life time. I believe a curse is  pronounce on any one that brings harm to children. Government officials believe they are immune to consequences brought about by their actions by thinking there are laws protecting them.

Friends, the evil that we do lives with us whether we are rich or poor, regardless of race, creed, religion, intelligent, unlearned, able or disable. Priests, pastors, criminals, presidents, judges, nurses, policemen, fireman, technicians, politicians and on and on will be judged on earth for their transgressions against children.

Family courts bear special responsibilities when dealing with children. Their moto should always be do no harm. There is no margin for error. The courts have to be sensible when taking decisions that affect mother or father child relationship. Judges are not expected to be punitive when it  concern family issues but are expected to make decisions as harmless for children as can be expected.

That a family judge could separate a father from his children weeks before finalizing a divorce by forcefully demanding the removal of the father from his home where he lived providing for his children is an atrocious act that need condemnation. To so affect children's life based on a n unsubstantiated default motion that is highly questionable is regrettable and infinitely unfortunate. Without any complaint whatsoever against the father and with weeks until a final divorce decree, that a judge with all the trials knowingly affecting the children would in his infinite wisdom find justification to add additional uncertainties  to the live of these children is wrong and should never be allowed to reoccur.

To add insult to injury the children had to be rescued from the mother who seemingly does not have the resources to care for the children. The court did succeed in separating  the 16 and 10 years. From  22 June to present the 16 year old had Been living with friends and the 10 year old has Been with her father and eldest sister. Court 246 had heard all evidence  necessary to make an intelligent decision regarding the welfare of these children. That the court choose to further burden the children is astonishing. The question has to be asked. Was this family treated with such lack of sensitivity because of its minority classification.

Would court 246 remove, separate or dictate residence for a family coping with the stress of divorce if they were affluent. The answer is clearly no and the court should be made to right the wrong that it has perpetuated.

I am calling on Federal, State and City officials to provide a forum  charged to  limit the damage to displaced and or damaged children injured at the hands of these power swinging irresponsible judges. Every family modification regardless of the case should  provide counseling paid for from court budget to affected families. Judges should be required to provide a report to a State authority detailing unambiguous detailed reason for separating any family prior to a final decree.

One standard for minority males another for others in Houston's Family Courts.

Consider a hearing in a divorce case where evidence is being introduced. The judge refuses to allow entry of affidavits from the father provided by his daughter and 14 year  old neighbor supporting him as a dedicated and capable father. The judge agreed with the mothers attorney that he needed three work days to review the documents and did not allow their entry into evidence.

On the other hand the judge had no problems allowing the mothers attorney to introduce envelopes he claimed were returned by the post office not collected by the father. Of note the father works daily 6 to 5, one hour from home and has had his postal box replace to protect its content from his opponent involved with this case.

Regardless, this judge not only allowed the introduction of the documents but allowed the Attorney to provide unsworn testimony regarding the documents  clearly without verification, origination nor their authenticity. No foundation was laid. The documents were the only evidence provide by the attorney to oppose a set aside ruling. That ruling would have  returned the father and his children in their home. The attorney represented to the court that the father was duly served although  the letters for service were in his possession.

Why would a judge allow an attorney to ambush another with evidence that clearly should not have been introduced in a hearing or at least share with opposing attorney, then rule in the  opposing attorneys favor. The ruling that has separated the family for more than a month.

If the argument that there is one requirement for minority males and one for all others in family courts cannot be made in general. It certainly can in this case.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Presidential candidates Trump and Clinton should address Family Court reform.

Missing in today's political discussions is family court reform. Judges in Houston Texas seem to view the court as their play ground for exhibiting authority punitive to minorities especially minority males.

Their social indifference, bias and disrespect for minorities is very apparent in these courts.

It will be a shame if we miss this opportunity to highlight this problem,  like a cancer, family court injustice is destroying family lives in America. These courts act as if minority males cannot spear head families and that the mother however incapable should bear the name head of house hold.

Their efforts are supported by the Attorney General Office making any decent by minority Attorneys and minority males to receive fairness from these family courts near impossible.

I am urging everyone to contact their Senators and Representatives and political candidates and request addressing family court issues in America. For the good of every family especially minorities. Don't wait until you are affected by troconian decisions of family courts to begin protecting you self.

It is very expensive to fight adverse court decisions once they are made. As these decisions are difficult to over turn. Support me by following my blogs at HTTP:// together we will  have these courts to notice that fairness, equality and adherence to the law is what there job is about.

How does family courts repair damages caused at their courts.

This is a story of a minority father that wakes at 4:30 every morning hugs his 10 year old daughter gives her a school pep talk, sends her back to sleep and leave for work. His work schedule was designed so that she would be picked up if needs be at 4 pm. This has been the case for years after her mother left the house in search of a better life.

Coping with the reality of a divorce in a few weeks,  court 246 Houston removed the father from the home and demanded he turn the keys over to the mother. That decision has cause considerable headaches for that family.

The question is under what circumstance can  a judge remove a father from his house and give it to someone who is not responsible for paying bills, maintaining the house, providing food and clothes for the children. As far as can be  verified there was no CPS report of abuse or neglect, there was frequent police presence at the house before the mother left but none since except when she stops and is involved with what the police calls criminal mischief.

These judges ably supported by officials from the Attorney General Office can am sure justify almost any action. But this one is  hard sell. At some point this court will answer to some authority regarding the maham it causes to minority families. It's like they have no children and family affiliation of their own.

How can a judge who has destroyed someone's family  return to his home and spend time with his own family with peace of mind.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fear and sadness associated with dealings with Family Court

Family courts in Houston are known for two major states of mind. Fear and sadness. If you are a minority you have in mind the reality that you may enter court or a case that seem routine and before the proceeding is over you may loose your home and children. The stories are real. Like eminent domain where developers can obtain your home by acquiring the land your home is sited on, Family court judges can take away your home with a stroke of a pen no question can be asked..

The court does not only take over your home, they demand you don't return under threat of being arrested. They don't say you have two days to remove essential items. Considering you are in the process of a divorce, the judges turn over your legal papers to your now opponent. If you have a medical condition they deprive you of your prescription and not far away is the mighty Attorney General office.

The role of the Attorney General office is to drive the final nail in the coffin. The Attorney General office then provides a visitation schedule that separate  a father from his children for life. Then the closing blow is financial child support. First they drive the devil's fear into the minority father, then they glow with the sadness associated of all involved father and children. The only winner is statistics. This family is on its way to certain doom and family court releases itself from any responsibility.

Another court is the most likely meeting when the family demise will continue. The criminal court where the situation only gets worse. Like the saying goes another one bites the dust. The way is paved for visitation only this time its the children visiting the father in prison for being unable to pay child support.

Is  that the expected norm for Family courts in America? Are How can we expect to influence other countries when our courts openly abuse minorities civil and human rights.

How can a civilize country continue to allow family courts  reap the hearts of minorities. America, minority sadness, pain and distrust of the legal system is real. We need to support our minority brothers and sisters. We have to bring to an end the suffering of so many. It has taken scores of years to document the effects of slavery.  We have to reinforce our efforts at defeating indifference, bigetery, bias and oppression brought about by these courts.

Family court issues in Texas.

Family court judges are governed by US laws.

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Institutional Family demise in Family Courts Housto Texas.

America throughout its young history has used several tools to systematically oppress minorities especially males. Family courts have for years been a medium for producing havoc on minority communities. Few countries condone or tolerate oppression of families by Government Institutions even if tools like unfair taxes, education and employment have hidden components negative to minorities. These tools have been mostly viewed as universally used and some what equal. Family courts seem to have a constitution different from that governing all other Americans.

That family courts in Houston can have the power to determine who can reside in a home weeks before a final divorce trial, removing the minority father and turning the house to a mother who virtually abandoned it years ago and has had many physical fights with children under the age of 16, is confusing. Why would the court not wait for the divorce to be final then decide under community property ownership of the house.

The court has had more than a year of hearings and motions on this case and is well aware of the facts . This reinforces my concept that the courts final concern is monetary child support. The courts target the father for child support then frame the case to achieve their objective. At the time of the trial the parent that is assigned the children and the residency determines the primary parent and thereby financial child support.

Many mothers design their lives with income from child support assisted by welfare by way of food stamps and other forms of Federal, State and local support.

There are many fathers who simply will not support children for diverse reasons, leaving the mothers with no choice outside seeking court ordered child support. I am referring to many instances where the father has been living at the house for years, supporting his children, providing their every need while the mother is missing in action. The case in mind involves a mother that has had at her residence a 10 year old 16 times and a 16 year old 4 times in a twelve month period.

Something is not right with that picture. The court awards the mother exclusive rights to the house and children. Since the 21st of June, the children have not spent a full day with the mother, partly due to her work schedule but she has had lots of time for night life and parties, all of which she is perfectly entitled to. Now she has interpreted the court order to read the father is to have the children for the month of July thereby excluding her from finical and other responsibilities associated with the children.

The pattern documented to the court is of this mother whose  life does not include the children verses a life of a  father and children living an interesting life. For instance the family love animals and plants. In their back yard are fruit trees including pears, oranges and lemons. Pets include birds, rabbits hens and Major the dog. They obtain an egg from each hen daily and so purchases no eggs.

The father replaced his lay back job for a highly technical job in order to spend more quality time  with his children. He works 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.

Americans have a problem with Hitler destruction of the Jews and his division and separation of families. What is the difference when a court systematically separate fathers from their children, in order to boost their finical child support dollar numbers, dictating visiting schedules that are so complicated that one needs a computer to follow. Awarding a tax equal to 25% of the fathers gross earnings and requiring the father to maintain insurance for the children.

That is a family that has existed for years, with little State assistance. Any assistance was processed by the mother for reasons beyond the scope of this blog.

Arrogance is clearly visible at the courts and one can easily observe differences when the court is dealing with minority males whether lawyers, defendants or respondent,

Those of us familiar with televised court cases will notice the respect judges display to minority participants.

 The Supreme Court concluding a case provides reports for their decisions, whether for or descent. Concluding a hearing at a Family Court in Houston involving a minority hearing lawyer and respondent the judge was deliberate and casual. After all he was in putting in motion a minority lynching that he was very comfortable with. Not a care for the family destruction he was about to begin.  No care for the children, their home, safety, recreation and other needs. Just as long as at the conclusion of the divorce case in two week financial child support and other court impose taxes are paid to the father not for the need of the children but the greed of the mother. (who cares).

 The Judge simply said DENIED. attorney for the minority male confused started to say your honor but the judge interrupted again with DENIED. no further explanation.

The judge is not expected to defend his decision since it is based on the law. (maybe) but simple respect for the attorney would necessitate a response such as Attorney I regret you did nor meet the burden of proof. Or I think the burden of prof was meet by opposing plaintiff.

But simply DENIED is disrespectful to the Attorney and unprofessional on the part of the judge.

I am calling for a review of the family court as a means of restoring pride and confidence between the courts and Americans. The court should be a place for justice not fair, unity not division, restoring hope not despair, intelligence not indifference respect not arrogance.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Judge in court 246 entertains attorneys objection.

An attorney in court 246 objected to the introduction of a photo as an exhibit because it showed no hands.
Take a look at your driver's license. Do you see hands. Oh oh a State issued ID.

Take a look at your passport photo. Where are the hands. Can you believe the judge only allowed the evidence in when the attorney asked that it have to be referred  to as an image.

These are some of the hoops minority  males  have  to jump through in family court  246. Houston  Texas.

The work minority fathers do.

Minority fathers work in every area of our community. We support all industries necessary for the very sustainment of life.
When fathers lives are interrupted other aspects of society are also affected. Unable to work, because of many hours of court time and eventual suspension of drivers license fathers fight an up hill battle. Rescheduling, continuations and lateness is the norm in family court. Attorneys while in their homes  call the court to say they are in other courts. The judge considers family matters  only when it does not include minority males. It' is common to arrive at the court at for 9 am hearing and be in court 3 pm without a hearing. After all that's part of the lynching that's part of the lynching associated with entertaining partakers of the court to include judges and District Attorney's office representatives 
This father is working with an energy manage panel that helps with control of energy use and comfort necessary for comfort and in the case of work production. It takes years of experience and training to install, repair and operate these equipment. These fathers have all the requirements for employment at the highest level. That these judges consider minority blacks as misfits is a disgrace. For judges to treat minority attorneys as second class  knowing the training they have received in frankly mind boggling. I have personal knowledge of two minority males received their PHD in law at ages 32 and 33. What give these judges the rite to make inhumane decisions based solely it would seem on the ethnicity of these males. Their education or training is not in question. They follow all  requirement for their case. What gives these judges to ignore the law and become advocates against these minorities. The need exist for review of all cases involving minority males involving the District Attorney Office especially where child support, custody and assigning residency is concerned.

Similar to an ECG used by medical technicians, these engineering technicians evaluate operation of air-conditioning systems in order to ensure indoor comfort, air quality and efficiency. These fathers are not non productive members of our community. It is the actions of the court that so burdens these fathers that their contribution to their families and society is diminished.
What makes these judges so superior to minority fathers that they can condemn them to a life of misery. That they will forcefully garnish their salary limiting their ability to provide for their families when the fathers have been providing food, clothes, toiletries, shelter and so much more. I am not defending any father who refuses to support his children. If money is all he can provide then so be it. If the father is providing all the needs of the children, the court should have no involvement with child support. nether  the courts or the District Attorney Office should have any business specifying the nature of child support for a family where the children live with their father.  However when a father is living with his children and supporting them, no judge should have the authority to remove him from his house. Then to give the house to the other parent who abandoned the house mother or father is the most ridiculous ruling I have ever heard or read about from a court. Court 246 should be ashamed of the suffering it imposes on families in Houston and law makers should remove their heads from being buried in the sand and do the jobs they are elected to do. Protection of Americans is universal.
Minorities need protection not only from violence but also injustice. It is a really a shame when injustice comes from the very institution in place to protect them. Family courts are increasing the potential for family poverty choosing to make children dependent on State welfare instead of allowing the fathers to provide for their families. Many minority many fathers don't want or need State help although some  do. Like Speaker Ryan said welfare should be specific to needs. Courts have many other uses, but dissecting families, giving visitation and awarding residence to a functioning family cannot be a function for the courts.
A mother may need a car to go to work, or day care to keep children while she is at work. Family courts in Houston view the father as a money tree in the name of child support. I think America has injured its social structure by making institutions that should be non profit into institutions where their sole purpose is making money. Family court problems are well documented in Houston and law makers and the past Governors have voiced concerns with these courts. The time has come to put an end to minority lynching of minority males and to liberate these fathers to care for their families and to maintain their status as productive members of their communities.

Friday, July 22, 2016

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Judges are tearing families apart destroying any bit of hope that they have making it impossible for them to survive. They behave like spectators at a dog fight with no concern for the harm they are doing.

In my small way, I highlight their suffering and remind those judges and attorneys that there are eyes and ears looking and listening.

Please help these persons with your comfort that they can count on you to read their stories. Once the courts know there are eyes and ears out there they will be more careful with their decisions.

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Pets affected by actions of family court judges who removed a father from his home.

What happens to  father's pets when he is forcefully removed from his home? This case involves a father whose pets include hens, rabbits, turtles, aquarium and birds. Taking care of this bunch is no little fate. Pets recognize their owners and become acquainted to them. Their feeding and caring routines are established and consolidated.

When the bond is broken the pets grieve and react. For instance, the hens would each lay an egg every day. Once the dad was not home to visit, feed and care for them the hens stopped laying. They are fed the same feed at about the same time  each day but there are no more eggs. The turtles would come  to the front of the aquarium every morning and  would scratched the glass. They don't appear or seem to care anymore. And the birds seem to be subdued and not entertaining as usual. The kids report no obvious change with the rabbit.

Could it be the abstract bias unnecessary actions of family judges are also affecting family pets? It seem to make sense that a mother who can so easily abandon her children would care less about pets. Stressed children separated from their father pay less attention to pets. The conclusion is both family and pets suffer the rampage of the courts.

Judges in family courts know the effects of their actions but again the devastation is only done to expendable, less valued minorities. Who cares!!!

Think court judges can do no wrong.

A family court Judge upheld a default judgement against against a minority father throwing out of his house with only the clothes on his back even if the method of service was highly questionable.

Misc Docket No. 99-9175
Appointment of a District Judge to Preside
in'a State Bar Disciplinary,Action
The Supreme Court of Texas hereby appoints the Honorable Margaret Keliher, Judge of
the 44th District Court of Dallas County, Texas, to preside in the Disciplinary Action styled:
The Commission for Lawyer Discipline v. Ray L. Shackelford
to be filed in a District Court of Harris County, Texas.
The Clerk of the Supreme Court shall promptly forward to the District Clerk of Harris
County, Texas, a copy of this Order and of the Disciplinary Petition for filing and service
pursuant to Rule 3.03, Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.
As ordered by the Supreme Court of Texas, in chambers,
with the Seal thereof affixed at the City
of Austin, this 27th day of September, 1999.
This assignment, made by Misc. Docket No. 99-9175, is also an assignment by the Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court pursuant to Texas Government Code §74.057.
Signed this^7 day of September, 1999.
Thomas R. Phillips
Chief Justice
committee of the State Bar of Texas (hereinafter referred to as "Petitioner"), complaining of
Respondent, RAY L. SHACKELFORD, (hereinafter referred to. as "Respondent"), and would
show the Court the following:
Pursuant to Rules 190.1 and 190.2, TEXAS RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (TRCP),
Petitioner intends discovery in this case to be conducted under the Level 2 Discovery Control
Plan. Pursuant to Rule 190.3(a), Petitioner affirmatively pleads that it seeks only monetary relief
excluding costs, pre-judgment interest and attorney's fees.
Petitioner brings this disciplinary action pursuant to the STATE BAR ACT, TEXAS
GOVERNMENT CODE ANNOTATED §81.001, et seq. (Vernon 1988 and supp. 1994); the
OF DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE. The complaint that forms the basis of this Original
Disciplinary Petition were filed on or after May 1, 1992.
Respondent is an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas and a member of the State Bar
of Texas. Respondent is a resident of and has his principal place of practice in Harris County,
Texas; therefore, venue is appropriate in Harris County, Texas, pursuant to Rule 3.03 of the
TEXAS RULES OF DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE. Respondent may be served by and through
his attorney, Jerry L. -Zunker at 812 San Antonio, Suite 105, Austin, Texas 78701-2224.
This cause of action derives from the documents that were filed in Cause No. 89-28857,
In the Interest of Christopher Andrew Willis, a Minor Child, In the 246th Judicial District Court
of Harris County, Texas. The Complainant, Sharon K. Wall (hereinafter known as "Wall") was
retained by Ms. Judith Elaine Pierson Roberts, mother of Christopher Andrew Willis, Movant in
Cause No. 89-28857 to establish parentage of her child in 1995.
In or around 1996, the parties in this case discussed modifying the order and Ms. Roberts
faxed an agreement with certain terms to Respondent.
On or about February 11, 1997, Ms.
Roberts signed an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) statement before an notary. However,
the ADR statement was attached to a motion to modify filed in 1997 that was dismissed.
Wall learned that on November .9, 1998 certain purported agreed documents: Agreed
Motion to Modify in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, Waiver of Citation, Agreed
Order on Motion to Modify in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, and Amended Order
of Withholding from Earnings for Child Support, each bearing the purported signature of Ms.
Roberts, were filed with the court. Two of the documents were notarized. These documents were
also signed by Michael Earl Willis, the father and obligor, and Walter E. Strickland, as his
Dripinal Disciplinery PetitionlJ:ISheddrd.raY1CFLD5IDP
Page 2
attorney of record. Ms. Roberts did not recall signing any of those documents.- It appears that
Respondent intentionally deceived the court by having someone in his office sign Ms. Robert's
name to a set of documents and submitting them to the court as her signature.
Wall filed a contest to entry of the documents, a motion to strike and a motion for
sanctions, setting the matter for hearing on December 11, 1998. Mr. Strickland did not appear
nor did Mr. Willis. Instead, Respondent appeared for Mr. Willis. Respondent did not appear at
previous hearings because he was serving a disciplinary suspension which was in effect until
November 15, 1998. The matter before the court was reset to December 18, 1998.
On December 18, 1998, the parties met before the Honorable Don Ritter, Presiding Judge
of the 246th District Court of Harris County, Texas for a motion for new trial or rehearing, an
objection to the entry of purported agreed orders, a motion to strike pleadings, a motion to strike
orders and a motion for sanctions. Ms. Roberts verified, under oath by the affidavit she signed
on December 3, 1998, and filed with the court, that she did not sign any of the documents filed
by Respondent on November 9, 1998, the signatures which appeared on the documents bearing
her name were not her signatures, she did not give any person permission to sign her name to any
of the documents filed, she did not appear before Betty J.Vallie, Notary who notarized Exhibit
"A" to the Agreed Motion to Modify in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship on January
30, 1998, she did not appear before Betty J. Vallie, Notary who notarized the Waiver of Citation
on October 30, 1998, nor she did not give any notary permission to notarize a document
purporting to bear her signature in her absence. Ms. Roberts also denied ever meeting or speaking
with Walter Strickland.
Dripinal Diacipfinery PetitianlJ:ISheddrd.roylCFLD5IDP
Page 3
On December 18, 1998, Respondent admitted on the record in court that Ms. Roberts did
not sign any of the documents nor appear before the notary.
He stated that one of his legal
assistants signed the.documents and that they were signed with the assumption that the agreement
was still in effect. He stated that the notary in his office and Darlene Daniels represented to the
notary that Ms. Roberts was there.
The acts and/or omissions of Respondent described in Paragraph IV above which occurred
on or before January 1, 1990, constitute conduct in violation of Rules 3.03(a)(1) [for making a
false statement of material fact or law to a tribunal]; 3.03(a)(2) [for knowingly_failing to disclose
a fact to a tribunal when disclosure is necessary to avoid assisting a criminal or fraudulent act]
3.03(a)(5) [for knowingly offering or using evidence that the lawyer knows to be false]; and
8.04(a)(3)[for engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation].
The complaint that forms the basis of this cause of action was brought to the attention of
the Office of the General Counsel of the State Bar of Texas by Sharon K. Wall's filing of a
complaint on or about January 12, 1999.
LAWYER DISCIPLINE, respectfully prays that this Court discipline Respondent, RAY L.
SHACKELFORD, by reprimand, suspension, or disbarment, as the facts shall warrant;
restitution; and all other relief to which Petitioner may show itself to be justly entitled, including
costs of court and attorneys' fees.
Odpinel Dieeiplinary PetitionlJ:ISheddrd.roylCFL051DP
Page 4
Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Miller
Acting General Counsel
Kimberly M. Gamble
Assistant General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
State Bar of Texas
1111 Fannin, Suite 1370
Houston, Texas
(713) 759-6932
(713) 752-2158 FAX
State Bar No. 00789804
Dripind Dirciplinery PetitionlJ:ISheckird.reYlCFlD51DP
Pege 5
Office of the General Counsel
August 12, 1999
Mr. John T. Adams, Clerk
Supreme Court of Texas
P.O. Box 12248
Austin, Texas 78711
Commission for LawverDiscipline v Ray L. Shackel ord
Dear Mr. Adams:
Enclosed please find an original and two (2) copies of a Disciplinary Petition being filed by the
Commission for Lawyer Discipline against Ray L. Shackelford.
Mr. Shackelford has designated
Harris County, Texas as his principal place of practice. Request is hereby made that the court
appoint an active District Judge who does not reside in the Administrative Judicial Region in
which Respondent resides to preside in this case. Upon appointment, request is hereby made that
you notify the Respondent at the address shown below and the undersigned of the identity and
address of the judge assigned:
Ray L. Shackelford
c/o Jerry L. Zunker
812 San Antonio, Suite 201
Austin, Texas 78701
As a practical matter, I would respectfully suggest that you inquire with the judge to be appointed
as to (1) whether he or she will be able to comply with the 180 day deadline by which the case
must be set for trial set forth in Section 3.07 of the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure; and
(2) whether he or she can accommodate compliance with Mellon Service Co., et al v. Touche
Ross Co., 946 S.W.2d 862 (Tex. App. - Houston [14th Dist.], which requires that all proceedings
incident to a case occur in the county of proper venue. If not, I would respectfully request that
an alternate appointment be made.
1111 Fannin, Suite 1370, Houston, Texas 77002, (713)759-6931
Mr. John T. Adams, Clerk
Supreme Court of Texas
August 12, 1999
Page 2
Once a trial judge has been appointed, please forward the original and two (2) copies of the
Disciplinary Petition, the filing fee check, also enclosed herewith, and the Court's appointing
order to the District Clerk of Harris County, Texas, with the request that the suit be filed, service
be obtained, and a file-marked copy of the petition be returned to the undersigned.
I have enclosed a pre-addressed envelope for your use in transmitting the above reference
documents, to the District Clerk of Harris County, Texas, and a return envelope to be sent to the
District Clerk of Harris County, Texas, for the Clerk's use in returning a file-stamped copy of the
petition to the undersigned.
If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your assistance.
Very truly yours,
ik4 pt,'oJeQ1
Kimberly M. Gamble
Assistant General Counsel
1111 Fannin, Suite 1370, Houston, Texas 77002, (713)759-6931
FAX: (512) 463-1365
;.-1uT, 0 7 1999
The Honorable Charles Bacarisse
District Clerk of Harris Countv
P.O. Box 4651
Houston, Texas 77002
Dear Mr. Bacarisse:
Pursuant to Rule 3.03 of the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure, I am sending for filing
State Bar of Texas Disciplinary Action styled: The Commission for Lawyer Discipline v. Rav L.
Shackel ford. and a copy of the Supreme Court's order appointing the Honorable Margaret Keliher,
Judge of the 44`h District Court. Dallas, Texas, to preside in this Disciplinary Action.
John T. Adams
Honorable Margaret Keliher
Ms. Kimberly M. Gamble
Mr. Ray L. Shackelford
Ms. Melissa Dartez
TEL: (5 12) 463-1312
FAX: (512) 463-1365
OrT 0 7 1999
Honorable Margaret Keliher
Judge, 44`h District Court
600 Commerce Street. 3`d Floor
Dallas, Texas 75202
Dear Judge Keliher:
We enclose for your information a copy of the order of assignment, a copy of the
Disciplinary Action. a copy ofthe notification letter to Mr. Shackelford and Ms. Gamble, and a copy
of the letter to the District Clerk of Harris County.
It is recommended that, six to eight weeks after receipt of this letter. you contact the Harris
County District Court Administrative Office (71 3-755-7593)to find out the district court to which
this disciplinary case has been assigned.
We then recommend that. either before or immediately
after you set the case for trial, you again contact the Harris County District Court Administrative
Office (713-755-6593)to reserve a courtroom, provide for a court reporter. etc. Finally, you should
contact the Presiding Judge of the Administrative Judicial Region into which you have been assigned
(713-471-3911) to obtain information on lodging, allowable expenses, and claims forms for your
expenses incident to presiding over this disciplinary case.
John T. Adams
FAX: (512) 463-1365
OCT 0 7 1999
Ms. Kimberly M. Gamble
Assistant General Counsel, State Bar of Texas
IIII Fannin, Suite 1370
Houston, Texas 77002
Mr. Ray L. Shackelford
c/o Jerry L. Zunker
812 San Antonio, Suite 201
Austin, Texas 78701
Dear Ms. Gamble and Mr. Shackelford:
Pursuant to Rule 3.02 of the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. I hereby notify you that
the Supreme Court of Texas has appointed the Honorable Margaret Keliher. Judge of the 441h District
Court. Dallas, Texas to preside in
Commission far Lawyer Discil2line v. Ray L. Shackelforcl
John T. Adams

Kidding? can I really file a complaint against a judge?

Click the above link to file a complaint against a Judge to include  Family court judges.

And if merited you will be satisfied with results.

Court 246 highlighted

family court 246 issues highlight

Read about family court 246 by clicking link above.

Another look at family court

DA to take another look at family court judge

Please click ling to view this incredible story.

DA to take another look at family court

DA to take another look at family court judge

Minority males Lawers, Defendants or plaintiff are treated indifferently in Family courts

Anyone visiting family courts in Houston will clearly witness an environment between minorities and judges in family courts.

Family court review Houston TX

Court review

Read issues regarding Family courts in Houston TX.

Are you kidding me???

Family entertainment by way of comedy reaches its peak in family court 246 Houston TX. The court removed a father from his home where he lived for years with his daughters and returned the mother to the house even if she abandoned the house  years ago and has a lease with an apartment complex.
I have documented this story extensively but it seem to evolve daily.

The court gave exclusive rights to the mother for the care of the children even if she left them with their father an primary residence of the father as that for the children was approved by the court. The father is directed to pay child support and other cost while the mother negotiate living terms with the management of her Apartment complex. The father was left homeless by the court.

The mother left the house at about 7am yesterday when the electricity was disconnected. She has, as promised to the father discarded his belongings from the house. At 12:04  am  just past midnight July 22 she texts the father requesting the where abouts of the children 10 and 16. At 12:15  again just past midnight the same day she texts the father demanding he pay the light bill and again at 6:50 am the morning of the 23.

This is a court that has done irreversible damage to a family and the onslaught continues. I do not know where or when this story will reach its peak but I will continue documenting its evolution. Due to a court order  in favor of the mother the  minority father had to place his daughters in a motel  at a cost of $110.00 after the mother could not be reached by phone. Four calls were placed to the mother by the 10 year old all unsuccessful when at 11 pm the father took his daughters to a motel.

In the 12:04 text on the morning of the 22, the mother inquired whether the father was keeping the children for the remainder of the month. She said this was included in the court order. No where is that included in the order that I have read.

Incidentally the judge who granted the mother temporary custody insisted that it was going to be 5 days till a hearing  and their would be a resolution to the situation in consideration of the children. This was 25 June. If this was not a minority family the court would have acted urgently and the children would have been returned to their capable caring father.

Could the court be so embarrassed by this travesty that they are unsure as to how to resolve this situation?

I cannot wait to document in its entirety this entire fiasco. How can a court act in such a destructive manner and reap such havoc on a family that was  working so hard towards achieving stability  in spite of complications involving the mother,  lost of work for the father and mounting legal costs facts well known to the court 246.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are family courts in Houston violating the American Constitution???

Well, the Constitution was not written strictly for professionals;  that would result in confusing the contents; but a more appropriate thought is, historically, documents of that nature were written to be understood by the masses. Common sense was used by elders and community leaders of the day to understand these documents and communicate the contents to the public.

The Constitution in simple common sense highlights the value placed on the protection of Life, liberty and happiness. Actions taken by many government Institutions in America are clearly geared to impacting negatively Life, Liberty and Happiness. Family courts in Houston reap apart and impact negatively the ability of minorities especially males to make a living and care for their children. Many minorities commit suicide, abandon their families and are forced to suffer stress and mental diseases caused by acute stress,  as a result  of abstract and ridiculous decisions taken by family courts. Drivers license are frequently suspended, they are driven into harsh financial situations. They are isolated from their children, they are thrown out of their homes with only the clothes on their backs, they are forced into situations where they cannot work.

Many of these acts are a result of careless, ridiculous, bias and indifference judgements perpetuated by family court judges ably assisted by the Attorney General Office.

Many minority families  have only their children  to work, live and fight for. When the courts supported by the mighty Attorney General Office rob minority families of these treasures, they are removing the life line for survival necessary for their very existence.

Family courts should not have the authority to remove father's from their homes and children, when there is no danger to the children, the family is stable and operating as expected. The same is true for mothers. The court cannot be allowed to dismantle families because  members are not perceive as equals or professional preferences are bias.

Making decisions that affect minority  or any family based on institutional indifference cannot be the accepted norn in America. Minorities should make family court reform an issue in this year's coming elections thereby ensuring equity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Space X

Minority males can be great parents also.

Minority males do not get the respect and recognition deserving a legitimate father.  Yet there are so many cases deserving recognition and praise. This feeling is transfered from  institutions like family courts resulting in bias oppressive decisions being rendered against them. Some of these decisions are so arbitrary that they defy common sense further more intelligence. What  is baffling is the fact that these decisions are made by professionals  who have to know better. So many decisions that go against minority males in favor of mothers in the family court system  can only be described as ridiculous for lack of a stronger word.

Family courts removing children from homes, removing father's from their homes putting  fathers on the streets with no time to remove the clothes or other items needed for them to survive. Items to include medicine, papers, tools necessary for every day work and other necessities. These judges are placing mothers into these homes even if the mothers abandoned the homes after causing major damage and inconvenience  to both father and children. In one instant  well documented  the mother ran high utility bills deliberately and had electricity disconnected after it was restored by the father leaving the children in the dark.

The courts place the mother into the house even if testimony under oath before the judge clearly portrayed the mother as violent having had three major physical fights with her then 15 year old daughter. While  out of the house and restricted by a court order the mother frequently showed up to further damage  the house, equipment and other items.

The police was called 9 times between 2015 and 2016 to remove the mother from the house  and prevent her from continuing her rampage. We're these concerns brought to the knowledge of the court? You bet they were. Photos, and sworn testimony are in the possession of the court. That these are being ignored is a clear indication that  there is one standard for minority males and another for mothers.

We are made to understand that this mother has had her 10 year old for 14 complete days from  July 2015 to March 2016, and that includes Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years. She has had her 16 year old for 5 full days for the same period.

These statements were made in testimony before the very Judges his court ambushed the father  preventing him from attending a court hearing that  was to allow the mother access to the house since she was having  problems with her apartment. Similar motions were not accepted by the court,  yet in that instant the judge granted a motion for the mother not only to access the house but to remove the father and charging him child support, forcing him to continue utilities and he continues to spend all the time he could with his family feeding and other wise supporting them.

Important to note the court has allowed her to use the house while she maintains her apartment. Unbelievable but true.
Family courts have to be reformed. Minorities have to get relief from renegade family Judges bent on decimating minority house holds.

Houston family elected to leave America after two year battle to regain their children

A family decided to leave Houston for their country of origin after their children were removed from their home facing allegations of child neglect. After thousands of dollars in legal cost, wasted time, aggravation and obvious stress the children were returned to the family no charges and little explanation.

Medical professionals had concluded earlier that there was no evidence of neglect. Why was it not possible for the family court   to obtain medical opinions prior to putting this family to such hell. Why is there no procedure for compensating families that have gone to hell and back because of actions perpetrated by judges affecting minorities.

Is the old question as appropriate today as was the case throughout history in America. Was that family treated that way because they were minorities? Maybe the color of their skin?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Minority families are suffering in America.

Speaker Ryan says welfare should be tailored to individual needs and that statement is so true. The same should be said for every situation involving and affecting family social situations.

Arbitrarily charging a minority father 20% of his wages in the name of child support is not realistic especially if the child is living with the father and the support is paid to the mother. A child support cannot be Financial  only and certainly not dictated by a court. When a  court decides to modify the relationship between a father and his children problems and complications follow.

Minority father's have so many problems to deal with. These are severely compounded by family courts in Houston Texas supported by the District Attorneys Office.

For many years our suffering  has been ignored and our cries unheard. Living with injustice is the norm. Yet we must persevere against these odds.

Monday, July 18, 2016

In spite of family court attempt to separate this family

In spite of family courts attempt to separate a family by throwing a father from his home where he lived with his three daughters and giving his home to the mother who deserted, destroyed, raided and abandoned the house years ago.
The court ably support by the DA'S office gave the mother custody and is charging the father medical and child support. The mother in turn is demanding the father keeps the children in order to feed them.

In spite of their warth, father and daughter have been spending time building a hamster village.  Some of the items are displayed but the exhibit is much more advanced.

This ten year old is determined  to expose  the extent of evil demonstrated by Family Courts in Houston.

This is a unique way to say to family courts and district Attorney's officers money is temporary but relationships are permanent.

Fathers responsible for protecting their families from family court warth

In spite of the systematic attempt of the family courts in Houston to belittle and disenfranchise minority father's  thereby ensuring the dismantling of the minority home  structure, father's have the responsibility to ensure the protection and sustainability of the children and to maintain their family

We minority males have to recognise our children strengths and to find ways to strengthen their weaknesses. We have to show interest in their school work and in the activities they engage in outside school. We have to make recreational time for them and instill in them the values that have kept us sane thus far.

In spite of the pressures, biases and oppression brought about by institutional forces like the courts against minorities, many of us have learnt to survive. We need to share our experiences with the hope of building a network for drawing hope and strength. Let us commit to reading at least 15 minutes a day with our young ones, visiting parks and areas of educational interests. Let us use the sites still available to us to enrich the growing minds of our children.

Let us use the medical and physical resources still available to the benefit of our children. We need to place our children in a position whereby they will have a fighting chance to be the professionals that will force change in our communities in the future.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Judge in family court 246 Houston takes a fathers house and threw him on the street.

In a strange occurrence a family court judge threw a father who was caring for his  children out of his home and gave it to a mother that abandoned the house years ago after literally destroying  it. Earlier attempts from the mother to obtain access were denied. The mother failed to attend court appointments on three  occasions. There were three previous occasions when the father appeared for court but the mother was no show. In fact there was a scheduled hearing two weeks ago  when her attorney  alleged service using certified mail without providing proof that the father was served.

The judge hastily allowed a default order with language to throw the father to the streets and place the mother who has had three major fights with her 16 year old daughter beginning at 14 into the house. This is a mother who placed her daughter on the street with a two month old baby daughter at 6 pm one hot June evening in Houston and was rescued by the father and was living in the house when the father was placed on the streets.

These were facts given to the court in earlier hearings.

That a judge in the United States of America can take a home from a father and his children and give to a violent law breaking mother is senseless, unbelievable and clearly a violation of  the civil rights of both father and children.

To say the family court should be in the interest of the children is incredible.  To force the father to pay child support to a mother who spends every moment of her free time in Houston,s clubs and abandon the children for her recreational needs has been awarded 700.00 to fund her recreational habits while the father has to maintain the children, pay utilites while paying child support.

Family court reform has to be on the agenda for the next legislature and I cannot wait to be in Austin with many who have been severely affected by these  runaway courts to ensure these judges cease to destroy families as is the case in this instant.

Yet another shooting in America with another dimension.

We were awaken this morning with yet another shooting affecting and involving law enforcement. The move from predominately law enforcement shooting civilians to civilians shooting law officers. Some of these  civilian shooters have had mi!Italy training including operating high powered weapons.

Treatment of past duty military personnel is a concern for overall security concerns in America. The problem is compounded when it pertains to   past minority military officials.

Our hearts go out to the families of anyone who has to realize the permanent lost of  life  especially in a violent act. America has endorsed a culture of dispute resolution using guns. Historically America has viewed the gun as the first and last resort when confronted with any dispute regardless of the nature of the dispute.

Mass media  has glorified gun violence for as long as popular media existed. One cannot escape the social and economic pressures exerted on such a wide spectrum of our communities. Some laws existing in America defy common sense and are a magnet for senseless violence.

This is a golden opportunity for sensible discussion regarding all violence to include gun used  for law  enforcement, recreation and crimes.
Suffering for law enforcement and civilians is the same. We have to respect and honor life regardless of the affiliation. Law makers have much  responsibility for gun violence in America. I would hope as a result of current episodes of violence, law makers would do what is obvious, common sense and necessary to address the problem.

State and Federal officials and institutions need to make an overall evaluation of systematic concerns in America and to prioritize remedies that would begin to promote integrated nationalism and reduce institutional harm that is so obvious in America.

Americans are hurting maybe more now compared to any time history. Minorities are under attach from almost every institution that exists. Almost every institution is producing unnecessary pressure on Americans including education, health, commerce, housing, legal and so much more.

We are constantly told to hope yet for how long. Every day seem to drive hope further away. We no longer know who our enemies are nor where the next attach may come from.

Many Americans regardless at ethnicity are living a life of protest daily. When living is based on protests we find our selves in conflict with established norms that point us towards lawful acts and normal living.

America, violence has never solved any problem and has only intensify world conflict and misery. Most of the suffering experienced in our world today is directly associated with violence and if the expectation is for life as we knew it extensive realities have to be confronted any government institutional oppression reduced addressed.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hello family content bye bye crime

When families are content and are not experiencing socio economic  and other useless pressures the community is so much better.

Deceptive method of operation in family courts Houston Texas

The method of operation in Family courts Houston Texas seem to be have minority fathers pay financial child support at all cost. To achieve this fate the court seem to go out of its way to establish residence for the mothers. The culture considers it distasteful for mothers, especially minority ones  to pay child support. So mothers of opportunity play the game established by the courts  with support from the District Attorney's Office.

Once the operation is started the courts go out of their way to establish residence for the children. Not withstanding an example where the mother abandoned the house destroying the structure, breaking glass windows and walls. Run utilities in the $1800.00 thats water and electricity, took mats, towels and cooking items and left for an apartment without the children.

The father repaired the house and restored utilities. Having financial difficulties years later  the mother decided with the help of a questionable attorney who has a poor  rating with clients he has represented, to petition the court to change a restraining order that would allow the mother access to the house. That very request was once denied and on another occasion was refused a hearing in court 246.

On that occasion the attorney received a hearing without properly serving the father.  With knowledge of where the father lives and works the attorney choose to use the mail without obtaining proof of delivery confirmation. That letter was never delivered.
 They obtained a default judgement. The father was given a date to respond to the default judgment but before the date the court enforced the judgment. The father petitioned the court with a motion to set aside pending a hearing but the court denied admonishing the father sacastically to file a motion to modify. Incidentally that motion was already filed and the same court had a hearing scheduled for the same day.
At that hearing the Associate judge scheduled  a hearing for 3 pm. At 3 pm everyone was present except the mothers attorney. He walked in at 3:30 appoligize to the Judge and the trial began with the judge informing the parties that it was too late for a trial and suggested a reset. The fathers attorney explained to the judge that there was a lot at stake and a hearing was warranted. The judge obviously fustrated told the attorney that she was going to set the bar very high and if he could not provide evidence to back up his urgency claim she would rule against him and charge to his client attorney fees.
After a meeting with the father it was agreed that a hearing was necessary to protect the children involved. The judge started the hearing repeating her threat and heard testimony for about 20 minutes. The testimony seem to meet her approval but she adjourned the hearing scheduling to interview both children in one week. 

Much is not know of what occured in the hearing, but the judge heard from one child and the interview was over. The mothers attorney took up most of the time during the hearing, at one time engaging in a objection with the judge stating a photo from a security  camera could not be admitted into evidence because the image had in completed hands. Now the father clearly angry stated photo ID dont show hands.

Clearly the mothers attorney took advantage of the court by showing up late knowing there was would be insufficient time for the trial and second by prolonging arguments he knew were ridiculous.

A motion is current but the judge is in no hurry to rule. The next date is a divorce hearing but the court has already achieved their objective. Children residence has been established and the court has thrown out the father from his home. The mother moves between her apartment and the house to fulfill her part of the game. At the divorce she will receive custody and child support the father will pay medical and anything else as demanded by the district attorney's office and the parties will have meet their objectives.

This cannot be the means of operation of the courts in Texas but I have spent about two years looking at the family court. I spent about 3 hours in the family court  just being amazed by its operation and I expect to be there for some time. Reform is needed of the family court. These judges have way too much power especially when they are dealing with minorities and families involving children. Their decisions are reaping havoc with minority families.

I am calling on State and National authorities to at least inquire into the functions of the family courts. I am calling on the District Attorney.s office to help ensure that minority fathers and mothers are dealt with equally and fairly. I am calling on the NAACP to review these courts to ensure civil rights are not violated by the courts and am calling on Amnesty International to ensure Human Right violations are not so institutionalized that the courts are not violating basic human rights.

Families are the greatest asset to the development of any people, country or civilization. Unless those rights are guaranteed Suffering, misery and extremely hash living conditions will be the way of life for millions of people in America. The heart ripping thought is if these practices can be so apparent in America consider the suffering and misery perpetuated on millions of people world wide. America has to take the lead at ensuring fairness in the family court system.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hurray read all about it

Family court white lawyers told a judge in 246 court that he could not continue with his case because he could not verify the signature on the green slip for certified mail service.

Court 246 forget schedule for interviewing 10 and 16 year old originating from a minority divorce case.

One would think that a judge who scheduled an interview with two minor children for 10 am would consider acting on the children behalf by 11 am. At 1 1 am the father approached the clerk, who after concluding his  three minute telephone call  in the court room informed the father that there was no record of an interview with the children today 15 the July.
Of note the appointment was made on 30th June.
Well the judge requested the father sits in court while the same judge continues her chores as usual. Sadly there are no similar circumstances occurring in this court so it is difficult to find it the court is conducting business as usual.

Is it time to begin addressing court judges as Sir and Mam?

Yes! The time has come and gone when judges should be respectfully addressed as Sir, mam or judge, not lordship and your honor. It is scary that one can associate these names with the legal system or the courts especially family court. These judges request you raise your right hand and sweat to speak the truth.

The joke is these judges cover their heads with a cloak of  bias hypocrisy knowing the disparities that they are culturally engaged in using the  courts.

Sitting in the front row of the court it is nice to witness American minority family justice at work. I am having such a good time that am not looking towards my trip to Criminal court. Maybe I will be surprised at the difference in equity displayed by criminal  verses family court.

Its surreal to be in court 246 blogging will witnessing so call justice first hand.

The first thing that strike me is that in family!y court children 12 and below are not permitted in court, and so two children were requested to leave. The first question you should ask is who is the family court representing when they exclude children 12 and under. If you are a minority male you are excluded anyway so the court will never see the family that the court is about to destroy.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What else do minority males have to do to survive in America?

Historic documentation involving minority blacks clearly tells of all sorts of abuses at the hands of Family Court judges. Minorities have been treated in ways not even they can contemplate. Yet you would think relief is close at hand for minorities in America. We are disadvantaged in health, education, economics, civil structure, human  and legal rights amongst others.

Family courts have  been used as a means of suppressing advancements or placing stumbling blocks in the way of progress for minority males for a long time affecting all sectors of our community.

With laws regarding parental rights and child support, the courts have teamed with the DAs office to  create havoc  with the lives of minority males.

This effort, however reaches much further into the family structure of minority families. There seem to exist in the Houston family courts systematic efforts on the part of judges to create conditions intended to burden minority blacks to the point where basic father to child relationship is not possible.

The outcome of their efforts can have three basic results. Child neglect, child  to live with the aid of welfare and child support and father imprison for child support.

The judges seem to be aware of the mechanisms  necessary to obtain this result  and it's done on a more often than not basic. Using impossible visitation and schedules they all but isolate the children from their minority father  leaving child support as the only link.

Remember to start the children lived with their father for years and it's only at the time of divorce these judges act to design an environment that would ensure primary parent and child support to the mother.

Usually the mother turned to welfare to supplement her finances. Remember the children were supported by their dad for years with little or no moral or financial support  from the mother.

Organisations like NAACP, UN Human Rights, The State bar of Texas  the Justice Department  and our law makers should review cases previously  undertaken by these courts. Some court rulings are so ridiculous that no person reasonable or not would miss the intent, bias and indifference nature of these rulings. One can clearly see the judges disrespect  for minority males in the court. They can be lawyers, witnesses, plaintiff or defendants.

If you are a minority male whether you are successful or not with the court you will experience bias one way or another.

Justice Department should investigate family courts in Houston Tx.

There are so many minorities  complaining of injustice  in family courts in Houston that the Justice Department should investigate.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In the eyes of judges in family courts in Houston minority males are expendable.

The careless attitude of Family Court Judges in Houston, ably assisted by the DAs office  gives the impression that minority males are expendable and consider them useless. Their decisions are normally bias against these males to the extreme. These males are deprived of basic civil rights by the action of these courts.
Rights such as work and child interaction and protection. These males are deprived of driving and thereby work. They are unable to provide consistent financial support, then spiral into despair with mounting debts and back child support. Most of these males have filed for divorce and have been supporting their children alone for years. The courts do not consider minority males as equal parents and prefer to give mothers custody only to burden the minority males with complex provisions like complex visiting schedules. Now these father's have to abide by court calenders to be with their children.

Judges will take over the residence of minority males where they live with their children for years, while their mother is with her other family. Then force the father to pay for utilites, mortgage and alternate residence, child support and medicals.

Family courts have to be held responsible for the destruction of minority families.

Human Rights, Civil Rights and State legal organizations  should investigate these courts. I am calling on United Nations Human Rights to intricate the lynching of minority males at the hands of Family Judges and DA offices in Houston specifically. I am calling on the NAACP to provide legal assistance to minority male who receive blatant bias service from these judges.

Family court judges accept service of papers to minority males using standard mail.

Family court judges are ignoring procedures for serving court papers provided by the State of Texas when it involves dealing with minority males. The rules clearly define procedures for serving court documents. The court is removing minority males from there homes, directing them to turn over keys to their residences, charging temporary child support while the males support their family and having them to pay utility bills for a home where they dont live.

If these judges follow the procedures they would not be accepting service by normal mail as first resort. State service procedures are clear and are seldom deviated from by family court judges unless what would seem entrapment of minority males.

Minority males are suffering terribly at the hands of so called family judges. I encourage everyone to read the dervice procedure required by the State of Texas and you will find delivery by normal mail is always viewed with suspicion. Certified and registered mail is another matter, still not used as a first resort.
Please review State (above) and Federal (below) requirements for service in State and National Courts.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Civil law need reform in Texas Family courts a mockery to the legal system.

Make no mistake. Criminal law reform is long over due. However Civil law reform is urgently needed. Family court judges cannot be allowed to confiscate items under community  property  and divide items prior to divorce. When the court orders a minority male to leave his home of 14 years and turn it over to someone who left the residence  years ago, lives  in an apartment and pays no bills. In fact the mother is alleged to have  left the house leaving thousands of dollars in utility bills, thousands in unpaid rent and major intentional damage.

There exist documents , that the court is aware of the conditions  that demanded she left  the house. For a judge in court 246 Houston Texas to turn the house over to someone that irresponsible is beyond reason. We need civil court reform to prevent such tragedy.

The family courts do not represent what their name implies. They dissect relationships between children and minority father's like  eagles dissect carcases.

Civil law reform is badly needed otherwise the burden to society will be Hugh, society will be disadvantage and the country on a whole will pay dearly for the evil of these judges.

Judges also wear coats of Racism and practice discrimination against minority males in family courts.

These family court judges in Houston seem to endorse the same reasoning that Hitler made when he engineered the destruction of the Jews. Only that Hitler's method was more humane. These judges restrict life from minority males and seem to enjoy watching them die a slow death. For example needlessly imposing child support on father's that have and live with their children that were abandoned by the mother, then removing the father from a home that he is paying for and forcing the minority male to pay for the utilities in the house while he pays for alternate residence and spares no efforts at keeping his family together.
The mother now has a part time residence and  an apartment she rarely stays. She has a new family while the father is on the streets.

No , Hitler put you out of your misery quickly. These so called family court judges  ensure minority males suffer and die miserably deaths. What is  interesting to note is that the children in spite of the best efforts of the minority dad are condemned to the same fate as the dad's.
If you want to know what am talking about visit one of the family courts in Houston and  witness a family trial involving a minority male represented by a minority attorney especially if the DAs office is involved.
If you think racism doesn't exist in family court rooms think again.