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Williams Air Technologies Integrated Approach to HVAC.

 About Williams Air Technologies:
Service beyond Compare.
Williams Air Technologies LLC provides an integrated approach to  Air-conditioning service to include all components of the original air-conditioning patent of Willis Carrier. We adhere to the initial air-conditioning concepts as described by Mr. Carrier 126 years ago.
Willis Havilland Carrier was born on November 26, 1876, in Angola, New York, the son of Duane Williams Carrier (1836–1908) and Elizabeth R. Havilland (1845–1888). Elizabeth R. Havilland, the daughter of David Jay Havilland and Ann Elizabeth Button, named him Willis Havilland after her uncle-in-law Willis Hoag Havilland, with whom she lived after the death of her father in 1868 and before her marriage to Duane Carrier. Willis Hoag Havilland was both the husband of her mother's half-sister Hannah Wing Havilland, and her father's 1st cousin once removed.
 The first modern air conditioner. Carrier's invented not only provided comfort at home, but also allowed for the controlled conditions necessary in many environments: industrial and scientific.

Willis Haviland Carrier
First to patent. Modern prototype. Entrepreneur.
November 26, 1876 in Angola, New York.
October 9, 1950
Air Conditioner
noun / air-con·di·tion-er
An apparatus for washing air and controlling its humidity and temperature. A system that keeps air cool and dry. Used to enhance comfort as well as improve industrial processes and products.
808,897 (US) issued January 2, 1906

Williams Air Technologies provides an integrated approach to the air-conditioning process to include all major components; heating, cooling, humidity, noise and dust. We go one step further by in-cooperating energy efficiency into our service mindset.

We provide the following  services.
Air- conditioning design.
Air conditioning service.
 Data Logging of temperature, dew point, wet bulb and humidity from 1 to 5 days.
Air conditioning installation.
Condenser, coil, furnace, relay board, zone board and IAQ, Energy recovery WIFI thermostat and much more.
Air-conditioning design:  Using HVAC software,  Williams Air Technologies estimates HVAC loads, design air delivery components and sizes. Based on this information we select appropriate equipment . We then provide various brands and efficiencies to our customers for their decision as to cost and  features .
Air-conditioning Service:    We believe that a well maintained air-conditioning system will provide years of comfort and reliable operation at an affordable price. Maintenance pro-long the life of equipment, furniture and other house hold items. Maintenance also reduces operating time therefore reducing the operating cost of the equipment.
We provide maintenance programs to suite every installation at a very competitive cost.
Williams’s air technologies LLC install air-conditioning equipment from all major brands and manufacturers. These manufacturers provide attractive warranty and component support. Williams Air Technologies provides labor warranty and service and maintenance support.
We provide other support Air-conditioning Service to include duct leak testing, zoning, energy audit, humidification, de-humidification, energy recovery  and indoor air treatment.
We also install ceiling and wall insulation, radiant barrier, solar tube and solar attic ventilator and attic tents. A description of solar tube and solar ventilator can be found at the solar page of our website.
EQUIPMENT:         Williams air Technologies LLC installs all major brands of Air-conditioning Equipment and industry rated components. We install Carrier and Bryant, Goodman and Amana, Lennox, Mitsubishi and other reputable brands.

 We are cognizant of our Houston’s weather with regards to high humidity; we provide equipment with moisture control in mind. Using multi stage condensers and variable speed blower units we are able to manage indoor humidity. Lowering indoor humidity makes air feel much colder. Thermostat setting can then be increased to achieve comfort, resulting in shorter operating time and lower cost.
For homes or business shared with pets, or where allergies are a concern, we install whole house filtration systems and we treat the air with UV light. Filtration removes most air borne dust particles while UV kill viruses and eliminates harmful bio sources. We install exhaust fans in rest rooms and bathrooms for improving indoor air quality and controlling moisture.
Sola-tube provided light from the sun into areas that are dark natural light enhances the comfort of an occupied space, thus providing  a healthier environment for people, plants and animals. Natural light also reduces growth of undesirable mold and mildew.
 Solar Attic Ventilator:     Attic insulation is used to prevent heat migration from attic and crawl spaces to occupied areas. The heat enters the attic through conduction, convection and radiation. Insulation is used to retard its migration from attic to living space. The solar attic ventilator begins to operate when the solar panel is exposed to sunlight. While in operation, the fan removes air from the attic. When installed with a gabble fan, hot attic is removed from the attic .Keeping the attic cooler. This  leaves less chances  for hot air to enter the living space. Less hot air reduces air-conditioning load and electric bills.
Solar air-conditioning.     Williams Air Technologies LLC installs solar ready air-conditioners pre wired and configured by the manufacturer. These units provide electricity for operating the air-conditioner and other electrical components connected to the distribution system when sunlight is available. This renewable source of electrical energy further reduces operating cost.
Certification,  Professional Membership and Accreditation: We have  certification in Air-conditioning, Systems Design, Controls and Duct work. We are Certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI) as building analysts. We hold Membership with American Society for Refrigerating Heating and Air-conditioning Engineers; and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Jules Williams.