Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Reviews of Judge Prine and Associate Ramos family court 246 Harris County Texas

Many reviews of Judge Prine exist. Here are a handful based on 15 selected. Judge Prine's Average Overall Review: Associate Judge Ramo Court 246 Harris County Texas. Based on 15 reviews 2553. other This father lied in court under oath and got away with it. He shund the one child for 6 years. He protected one son during IKe and cared less about the other son or his wife. Since the boys have pulled away from her these last weeks I am sure that they have been threaten by there father. They are afraid of him. It is so out of character for them.

 This woman is ignorant of the law. I witnessed 2 attorneys plead before her; one with over 30 years of experience in family law, the other with a loud mouth and circular logic. She has sided with the loud mouth in 2 different hearings. She degrades the family court with every decision. She has no business even being a lawyer mush less an associate judge. She is biased to the point of siding with a worthless drunk over a disabled and mentally abused woman. She deserves to be impeached AND disbarred.
7713. party to case (pro se) I can not believe that judge Charlie Prine does not go by the rules of law. He goes by his own rules and even though you hire experts he goes against the experts. For example me and my ex wife had a mediated settle agreement upon she past a drug test.

Unfortunately she failed due to meth and Charlie said the drug test didn't matter. The expert testified that it was not a false positive... 8497. witness How do we let our voices be heard? This man is completely unfair. It's terrifying how he's playing with the lives of others and can sleep at night. 2552. other Prine is not a fair and just judge.

He does not listen to the whole case He proves that money talks in Texas. He does not approve of same sex relationships ( that case made national news). He is willing to give children to a so called father that never really wanted kids. A man that emotionally abused with a moderate amount physical abuse. This man was given 2/3 of my daughter salary to buy electronic stuff for the kids instead of clothes.

 In the last three months I have had to pay for clothes and hair cuts for the boys and my daughter can do things with the boys to the tune of$1000. Do I want this man in office ? Hell no! My daughter is a bad housekeeper yes! Did she deserve to loose her kids? No. The boys will not even spend time with her because she made them do homework work on the STAAR test. I made the mistake of treating them to the rodeo when completed the sample test. Their so called father does not make them do homework.

They are both failing in school. I actively campaign against Prine. I want justice for all not just the rich. 2573. other I want to actively campaign against this man. He needs to be out of office. It is obvious he would like to see women back in the Victorian era with no rights. What is this country coming to. It is not an American for all but for the rich and it non moralistic lawyers. 4262. other Sadly, this man has moved from Associate Judge of Judge Dean, a corrupt judge, to District Judge of the 246th Court. He has appointed Chelsie Ramos as his associate judge as a political favor.

 She has no experience in family law, and looking at the tro's that she signed, doesn't care to spend any time learning family law. Her sole accomplishment for this job was being married to a former family law associate judge. Now the list has come out of the judges that refuse to appoint attorneys from a generally-accepted list, accepted by all but 4 courts. So 8 courts (9 if you include the CPS court - that the courts didn't need but which was set up so Judge Farr could take credit for it) are ok with the qualifications of the attorney list, and 4 aren't. And those 4 are.....this judge, the judge he worked under, and 2 other dishonorable judges (Alicia Franklin York and Jim Lombardino). These 4 judges continue to thank campaign donors with appointments and high-paid vouchers.

 Did it ever bother anybody that, as an associate judge, this judge took off more time that the judge that appointed him? And that they took off at the same time so, despite that you, the tax payer, paid 2 judges to cover one court, they regularly left that court without a single judge for weeks at a time, and anytime a political event was scheduled? It's past time to stop covering up for the good-old-boy system in Harris County Family Courts. The corruption has been reported since the 1990's, and the only judge any one ran out of the office was the one that rebuked these people. 7859. party to case (pro se) This judge is below any rating.

 I consider both judges of family court 246 pirates. I blog about these judges at https//williamsjules57.blogspot.com and posts at https://plus.google.com under search Jules Williams. I tweet as Jules williams also face book. The judges of court 246 are unfair, unjust, heartless and discriminating judicial representative operating in any court. Family court judges court 246 are a detriment to children and a danger to families

. These judges ignore due process, are comfortable lying and prejudging cases. The trial judge scares litigants in his court using anger and violence. These are two scary judges no one should chance messing with. They can cause an Innocent law abiding citizen to have a really bad day. 8899. party to case (with attorney) what an excellent judge. he saved the kids form abusive alcoholic mother with mental history who lied to get her spouse in jail which the husband easily beat the charges. more of these type of judges are needed with morals. 9014. party to case (with attorney) You'll Please Report Judge Prine and Judge Ramos @ www.scjc.texas.gov (1-877-228-5750) like l did so we can get these corrupted Judges out of our Judicial system.

They both is such a disgrace to our society. 9031. party to case (pro se) Judge prine is not a fair judge, there can be proud of domestic abuse with graphic pictures of the incident, yet not grant a protective order. He's a horrible judge, I thought these reviews were all a lie until I experienced it for myself today. He rolled his eye with every proof of domestic violence I gave in, including a threat to kill me from my ex husband which was stated it directly came from in. Yet he didn't grant it, I shall be back with a attorney to redo this case. 8773. attorney (private practice) He doesn't deserve 1 star.

 Out of the 100 or so judges I've had the pleasure of practicing in front of...he is by far, like really far, the worst. He should be removed from office. 8900. party to case (with attorney) what an excellent judge. he saved the kids form abusive alcoholic mother with mental history who lied to get her spouse in jail which the husband easily beat the charges. more of these type of judges are needed with morals. 9059. party to case (with attorney) To 10/03/17 & 10/05/17.

 You guys are right on the money. Both judges do not understand the family law and are extremely vengeful. I recommend that you send complaints also to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Nothing will get done, but eventually they will get enough complaints about this 2 power drunk judges. 9084. party to case (pro se) Judge prine is a very horrible judge, he doesn't go by the law, he makes up his own rules and I feel he really hates women. I've also seen judge Ramos work and she doesn't even care about her job. Both of these judges are corrupted. Judge prine is a woman hater and will always side with the father no matter what. We need these judges out the system.