Wednesday, April 19, 2017


An area not spoken of relating to child abuse is family courts bias. Charged with providing expertise in the best interest of the child, family courts have grown a culture that seem to use children as prawns to influence punitive measures against targeted parents, courts seem not to favor parents in cases when the parent is not of their choosing.

 Children are abused in many form unnecessarily by family courts. Many situations involving separation and or divorce may have existed for months or years and resolutions to many issues would have been established. Family court would usually be seen as a means of legitimizing decisions already in place.
Then comes the City or State and special interest representatives to include judges, attorneys, social workers and other interest to initiate the family ordeal.

 Guaranteed to initiate a situation ridden with procedures that all but ensure suffering and misery to children and parents ensuring confusion and enmity between parents and all sorts of negative consequences for children.

 Family court 246 Houston Texas is staffed by two judges male and female. One would think the combination would bring about balance decisions favorable to children. Not so. Rulings from the court seem to depict clear disparities favorable to mothers at a ratio 80 to 20% against fathers. In real life, situations of research dealing with similar matrix hoping to achieve equity with such disparity would by very alarming necessitating systematic review.
Judicial child abuse is an area that should concern everyone because of the potential to affect many children for long periods with unbelievable consequences.

 What is damning is that judges seem to care less about obvious abuse to children caused by their indifference to humanity, careless disregard for laws and knowledge that law makers and citizens have accepted latitude given to them.

 Laws, statutes, higher court opinions, codes and American Constitution should be sufficient assets for judges to use without the national brain wash provided to judges to determine disputes involving families.

 Giving judges wide latitude to determine family issues, armed with lawyers, social services and the almighty attorney general office against a vulnerable minority parent unable to afford legal representation is like demanding a one leg man run up hill chased by a pack of hungry dogs with a referee given the responsibility to determine the duration of the race. Clearly no latitude is needed in this scenario.

 Cases should be decided on merit, without any unnecessary advantage to any party. The coins should be allowed to fall where they may, which is not the case with family cases.
Family court 246 Houston seem to consistently make use of its latitude, denying litigants of civil rights and due process also openly violating constitutional rights of parties not of their liking. What is even more disturbing is that both judges seemingly show the same disregard for basic humanity choosing to use both deceitful and punitive measures to punish parents wanting one thing, that to love and protect their children.

 One mother told me court 246 took the side of a felon and advocated and ruled against her in a custody case. I know of a case where a mother abandoned two children for more than two years. Approaching conclusion of the divorce case, the judges took turns getting rid of the father from his home of 15 years and returning the abandoning mother to the house and the children.
April was first declared Child Abuse Prevention Month by presidential proclamation in 1983. Since then, April has been a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse.

 In Child Maltreatment 2015 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children's Bureau) it was reported that in FFY 2015 in the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, an estimated 683,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect; and 1,670 children died as a result of abuse or neglect.

 The majority of child abuse cases stemmed from situations and conditions that can be preventable when community programs and systems are engaged and supportive. A community that cares about early childhood development, parental support, and maternal mental health, for instance, is more likely to foster nurturing families and healthy children.

A body of research has identified factors known to prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect. These factors—including parental resilience, nurturing and attachment, social connections, knowledge about parenting and child development, social and emotional competence of children, and concrete supports for parents—are outlined in Preventing Child Maltreatment and Promoting Well-Being:

 A Network for Action 2017 Resource Guide, also developed by the Children's Bureau. In recognition of the collaborations needed to help prevent child abuse and neglect, the NCTSN has compiled a list of resources for advocates and policy makers, children and adolescents, educators, families and communities, and mental health and child welfare professionals.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Family court judge 246 Harris county Houston Texas, has gained the distinct reputation of being unjust and unfair. He is also a profound bigot and is clearly homophobic. Family court 246 is a concern to the reputation of the judicial system. Justice and fairness are building blocks for the judicial system of America.

 When trust in the system is lost, ideals, trust and confidence are all qualifications that are destroyed to the detriment of the entire judicial system. Family court trial judge 246 Houston seem to openly express his role is helping litigants of the court. Not providing equity and justice consistent with American laws. This judge imply his court is not accountable to laws, rules, statutes, codes or the constitution out side his dictate of what the laws in his court will be.

 Court 246 is a very dangerous institution that ignores due process and is bias to cultures and life styles disapprove by the court. This judge exhibits open disgust towards gays and lesbians, and don't seem to recognize the Supreme Court approval of same sex marriage.

Family court judge 246 Houston Texas ruled a father with visitation would have to receive written permission from his ex wife if he was to leave the children with any male, not immediate family or blood relative. This judge ignore males to include teachers, doctors, priests and other males that may have to provide services of one type or another to the children.
This judge has attracted demonstrations against his homophobic beliefs and bigotry and these demonstrations are likely to continue.

 The question can be asked, how is it such an intolerable, obviously very angry, unfair and bias judge exist in one of the most diversified counties in America.

 Family court 246 openly violates citizens civil rights, and constitutional rights to include, 1st, 7th and 14th amendments. Left unchecked family court 246 will maintain its reputation as being one of the most dangerous, dysfunctional institutions for children and parents in America. /

Saturday, April 15, 2017




Unless family courts understand that their prime focus must be fairness, equality, and justice, these family courts can serve no useful purpose. For too long, family court judges have used violence, threats, and anger to demand respect and authority in the courts while being indifferent to the situations such as pain and anguish and suffering to parents and children associated with the cases they are charged to determine. let us get one thing clear, parents who are litigants in family courts are mostly law-abiding citizens providing for their families with no intention of altering their parental responsibilities.

The time comes when expertise is required, mostly to provide a framework that families encountering problems can work with. In many cases, children form part of disputes that the family court is responsible to address. It is not unusual to find situations where most problems have been mutually resolved, but the parties need legal confirmation and have no other option outside family courts. Although the best interest of children is one of the most important considerations that family court judges should keep in mind, parents' needs and responsibilities will always play a significant role in determining children's interests.

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Family courts should not entertain the calculus that overburdening one parent and placing them at a disadvantage in separation or divorce, is in the best interest of anyone involved in a family dispute. Family courts can be useful only if judges are litigant blind and resort to facts, rules, codes, and laws associated with trial cases.

 Family courts assume positions vital to cases prior to trial. The role of attorneys, their affluence, relationship with judges, should have no decisive effect on a case prior to trial. Attorneys should provide legal direction to the court involving cases and should advocate legal requirements for the case.

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Gone are the days when attorneys seem to care about laws, truth, or responsibility, although always charged with advocating for their clients, family court attorneys go way beyond that role. They lie, cheat, and shortcut the legal requirements of the court. Attorneys with small practices seem to be far more worthless compared to large legal companies, yet large companies are ridiculously expensive for reasons we can understand.

 Family court judges are required to manage courts by providing justice based on evidence supported by laws, codes, rules, and opinions written and available for intelligent rulings. Family court judges seem to prefer using their preferential obviously biased interpretations to determine their rulings having nothing to do with legal requirements. Laws are provided to solve this very issue.

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Justice is lost in family courts. Family court in America are well known for characteristics not expected of an institution responsible for managing delicate issues of any kind and certainly not associated with families. Dealing with these court, one gets the distinct impression that law and order have no role in the courts. The court seems to operate using modules of intimidation, fear, piracy, and confusion. One gets the impression that the court is one cover-up than another.

One judge makes an obvious error the other makes certain it is covered. The court seem to have waited attorneys ready to assist the court in accomplishing results detrimental to all parties involved with cases. Family courts seem to have no problem intimidating litigants, denying parties of their choosing due process, using children to punish parents they don't support in cases, having nothing to do with evidence or laws, using the threat of one party paying the other attorney fees, or simply refusing to bring to the court, motions, orders, or processes accepted by the court.

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Judges of family courts assume the role of Lords, using any means, wants, or likes to determine critical situations and decisions. Family courts determine requirements for cases by setting levels of difficulty, the more the judges despise one party the more difficult the bar of evidence, the appropriateness for applicable laws, and the more personal influence negative to the despised party is provided by the trial judges

 Family court judges have a well-established reputation as bullies and many of their staff seem to simply adhere to their positions. These are resolute workers whose careers will forever be tainted and stained by the tragedies they witnessed originating from family courts in Houston Texas. They witness parents who are frightened of the trial judge for reasons having nothing to do with their legal process but angry, loud, disrespectful, arrogant, and most of all their reputation in the community for being judge, jury and executioner in cases they adjudicate.

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Like pirates, the family court uses child support as a means of destroying a parent, not of their liking, the ability to provide for their family, and certainly defending themselves against to ravages of the court. Family court judges in Houston know, that once a ruling is made against a party, not of their liking it is all but impossible to get it set aside. They are aware of the finances and resources demanded of the courts and resources received as incentives for their barbaric deeds

 These judges do not waste much time, devising means to identify their preferred litigant in a case, and then institute processes aimed at crippling a litigant using temporary orders and other gimmicks. These orders are used to pave the way for the final blow when they strip their opponents of happiness, liberty, and property. Satisfied with their accomplishments, these judicial pirates simply move to acquire the next loot.

 Family court judges should conform to laws and not latitudes given to them by their pairs. The playing field must be level with both parties to a dispute governed by legal requirements. Once a party to a dispute realizes the goal is moved to justify the ruling favoring the other party, regardless of how the decision seems to peers, that process is no longer authentic and will only serve to be divisive and contribute to anger, misgiving and disruption to families.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

At what age does their learning and attention span begin?

This little angel is 8 months old and already has a liking for technology and media. Here she is occupying her travel time viewing videos.

What is amazing is the attention span of someone that young focused on an area of interest to them.
My concern is with events that interfere with or interpret these interests without concern for I'll effects.
Parent separation and divorce have to have tremendous I'll effect on the development of children.  Although parents do not possess the expertise to evaluate the effects on children when their areas of preferred interests are suddenly interrupted or destroyed, it is wildly accepted that developmental interruptions have negative effects on children, especially at an early age.

One of the most common sources of family division is family courts. The institution makes decisions that affect the lives of children in a way no other circumstance can.
Family courts are I'll be equipped to provide situations that take into account the progressive education requirements of children.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Violation of civil and human rights any where are violations every where.

Criticism of actions taken by President Trump is shameful and deplorable. At some point we have to take sides.
Are we for the actions of Russia and Syria or are we for humanity suffering extremely brutal actions in their own country.

Chemical weapons used deliberately to suck life from already brutalized people is not  an action that deserve verbal condemnation, but actions that cannot be misunderstood.
Media commentators should not made political  statements to aid in comforting those who find no problem gasing children, babies, men and women.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Family court judges should not be entrusted to determine which parent is better for a child during divorce or separation.

Family court judges are simply disconnected from the best interest of a child instead they are involved with determining punishment for the parent not of their liking.
Parents have strong desires and aspirations for their children that politicians and judges do not possess.

We all as parents strive to provide for our children what we dream for ourselves. We want them to be astronauts, scientists, engineers, doctors, and the like.

We view this precious little one as creation from another world. Family courts view our pearls as numbers used to justify a cause, tools used to punish parents, not of the judge's personal liking, and products used to attract resources to the court system, benefits attorneys, staff and want a list of the court.

We have to protect our children from judges and institutions with agenda that does not include the best interest of the child.
Profiteering using children and parents' demise is cruel, inhumane, corrupt, and morally illegal if not illegal.

All too often family court judges blind themselves to the needs and interests of children, making their lives a living hell, with no legal authority or justify able basis.
Sadly, there is little recuse for many and virtually none for minorities where judges prefer to prey.
These vulnerable minority parents do not have the resources to provide relief for their children and have to experience pain and suffering lamenting the carnage caused by erroneous results of family court orders.

Parents should, unless confirmed by civilian monitors, never be isolated from their children, and parents should be given every opportunity to be with their children.
It is far too easy for the almighty attorney general office and a mentally distorted judge to change the parent-child relationship. Once done this change is not reversible, both parent and child are damaged in one way or another and the system simply moves to claim its next victim.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Family courts have taken the role of parents and are creating a generation of children so deprived of family social structure that competitive involvement in society's activities is nonexistent.

Family courts are destroying family child relationships for reasons having nothing to do with the best interest of children.

Opportunities for especially female children have been reduced to family law involvement.
Profit verses child consideration seem to be the priority of family court.
If this trend continue to exist, minorities will forever loose the ability to compete in today's competitive work environment.

We will forever lose careers in science and technology and engineering. We will not have careers as astronaut, involved with robotics and fields like artificial intelligence.
One could conclude that family court is systematically determining the future for minorities and their future role for developmental opportunities in America.

There is no doubt that family court 246 is determined to  ensure children are disadvantaged  by having one parent.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017



It is well documented that careers in science and technology are dominated by males. Females are lagging in these fields.
Verizon Wireless is supporting efforts at increasing female interest in engineering. While society is observing that need, family courts continue to use one formula to settle issues at divorce or separation of parents.
The court magic formula is mother is awarded primary home and children; father is charged with medical insurance and up to 50% of their salary.  

What the family court is accomplishing in essence is depriving children of access to their father. As angry as family court 246 court judge is in court dealing with family issues, what is lost is the best interest of the child.

I cannot imagine a two-year trial where neither judge of the family court, the respondent-attorney nor the respondent make one mention of emphasizing the best interest of the children.
An entire case was based on the respondent mostly social debt acquired after deserting home and children, fabricated stories of adultery cruelty, funds for the protection of mother's future, like purchasing life insurance naming the respondent sole beneficiary, and attorney fees.

Family court efforts at denying visitation between fathers and especially daughters retards  interest in technical careers since research has shown children are attracted to the careers of parents.
In one case of separation, a 10-year-old was fascinated with electricity, chemical, and mechanical sciences. The family court judge and associate judges ignore this child's future aspirations, turning her education to a mother that cares little about education.

Now the mother is frequently involving police to solve domestic home issues involving the children, family court 246 has refused for years, to respond to a TRO that documents the harsh situation the children are living with.

Family court ignores the best interest of children favoring resources for their court. Family court reform is needed if integrity is to be returned to the court.

My 2014 to 2018 experience with Harris County Court 246.