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Ethnic and Racial Differences in Welfare Receipt in the United States Excerpts from: Robert A.Moffitt and Peter T.Gottschalk. First my view: Why is there the concept that Welfare is associated to dependency of minorities and has a racial component. One can readily admit major institutions in America have contributed to social dependency. I am not going to make the distinction by ethnicity, but to regard dependency as being brought about by institutions taking advantage of minority vulnerabilities.

 There always seem to be an institution at one point or another that goes to the extreme at making dependency a part of the social fabric of America. Family courts seem to carve a sector of American society using Minorities and other vulnerable components of society as their source for sustaining dependents on social services in. The court realizes an important number of these dependents are also target by politicians who depend on that sector for maintaining the numbers necessary to win political positions. Family courts seem to recognize this cover and therefore uses its judicial advantage to grow that segment of communities geared at sustaining social dependency on handout welfare services.

 Family courts are calculating in their efforts, utilizing discipline, education, health and social relationships all necessary to integrate into society as tools to cultivate this community. One tool used by family court is degrading families reducing their capacity to provide necessary resources for child competitive development. A simple way to achieve this fate is by ensuring a child has access to one parent, while access to the other parent is restricted using legal maneuvers and procedures that severely complicate the ability of both parents to influence the lives of children. Family courts thrive by creating partial orphans of minority children.

 Also destroying parent economic to power that ensures while parent is being economically degraded by the court the other is sentenced to a life of welfare unable to be dependent or to guide children to a state of independence. One only need to visit court 246 Houston Texas and witness a case in progress, then speak with the participants inquiring as to what took them to the court, differences between the parties and their expectations for children concluding the trial. You would soon realize that difference are mostly minimal and most families would settle with little effort, once children were cared for with input from both parents and that no party was unfairly dealt with.

 This is not in the best interest of family courts since their motive seem to be long term sustaining of a system that creates and maintains dependency on hand out social welfare services. It has been well documented that dependence on welfare compromised self esteem, waste resources, limits innovation and compromise growth. Welfare reduces ambition and its effects can be experienced affecting one generation to another. Social dependence is a chronic illness encouraged to exist by institutions like family courts to isolate a segment of society in order to maintain a class of disadvantaged members that can be exploited, oppressed yet serve the purpose of determining a demography useful for politicians and other social experimentation.

 The general public in the United States has long linked welfare and race. This association has played a major role in attitudes toward the welfare system and in the politics of welfare reform. Attitudes toward welfare spending are correlated with racial attitudes (Bobo and Smith, 1994:389), and opposition to welfare among White voters has been shown to be related to attitudes toward race (Gilens, 1995, 1996). Many analysts have noted that the general popular perception that minority racial and ethnic groups dominate the welfare rolls has been historically incorrect, for minorities have historically accounted for no more of the welfare caseload than White families.

 Ethnic minorities do, however, have higher rates of participation in the welfare system than does the majority White population, given their lesser total numbers. Thus, the popular perception has some basis in fact, if interpreted to mean that minorities have higher propensities to make use of the welfare system. A natural question to which this observation gives rise concerns the source of the ethnic and racial differences in welfare receipt rates. The research in this area has noted that there are two conflicting general views. One is that the differences arise from differences in the underlying risk factors associated with welfare receipt—rates of single motherhood, poverty, low earnings capability and job skills, high rates of unemployment, low levels of education, and similar variables.

 The other is that there are inherent differences in the propensity to take up welfare by different ethnic and racial groups, usually thought to arise from different cultural and social norms for the acceptability of being on welfare and different degrees of stigma associated with welfare receipt. This stigma can be either transmitted across families in a given neighborhood or city or transmitted across generations, as children of welfare recipients themselves learn to find welfare receipt more acceptable. This study documents and explores racial and ethnic differences in welfare-participation rates in the United States in two ways.

 First, we examine what those differences are today and how they have changed over the last decade. We find that substantial racial and ethnic differences in welfare participation exist, regardless of how they are measured, but we also find that these differences have not changed much over this period. Second, we explore the alternative sources for this difference by quantifying the relative importance of measurable risk factors, which differ across race and ethnic groups, on the one hand, and immeasurable differences, which include differences in cultural and social norms, on the other.

 We find that the majority of most differences in welfare receipt can be explained by measurable risk factors, including differences across race and ethnic groups in earnings and other forms of non welfare income, in family structure, in education, and in other variables representing disadvantaged status more generally. This implies that it is these underlying risk factors, and their underlying causes, that require policy attention if racial and ethnic disparities in welfare receipt are to be reduced. THE U.S. WELFARE SYSTEM The U.S. welfare system is composed of several distinct components. The most well known is the program that provides cash assistance to families with dependent children—defined as families in which one or both parents are not present—currently called the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program and called Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) prior to 1996. The AFDC program was created by the Social Security Act in 1935.

 It originally provided benefits primarily to poor widows, but in the 1960s its caseload shifted toward benefit provision to poor divorced and separated women with children, and has more recently shifted toward poor never-married women who have had out-of-wedlock births.1 These shifts in the composition of the caseload undoubtedly explain some of the changes in public attitudes toward the program. Eligibility for the program also requires low income and low levels of assets. Currently, the TANF program has strict work requirements and a maximum five-year time limit as well. The AFDC-UP (for unemployed parent) program provided benefits to families with children in which both parents are present, but restrictive eligibility conditions in the program limited its size to only a small fraction of the AFDC caseload. Both dollar and caseload terms today are the programs providing noncash benefits to low-income families.

 These include Food Stamps, Medicaid, low-income housing assistance, and a host of other programs including job training, Head Start, and a variety of food assistance programs other than Food Stamps. By one authoritative account, there are upwards of 80+programs in the United States providing cash or noncash assistance to low-income families (Burke, 1995). Eligibility for all the programs is restricted to those with low income and assets, and usually there are additional restrictions on eligibility. The three largest noncash programs are Food Stamps, Medicaid, and housing assistance. The Food Stamp program is unique in providing benefits to families and individuals regardless of family structure, for neither the presence of children nor the absence of a parent, for example, is required.

 The Medicaid program historically provided benefits primarily to AFDC families but today provides significant benefits to children of poor, non welfare families, resulting from a series of legislative expansions of eligibility in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Housing assistance is the only major non cash program that is not an entitlement, and serves all family types who are low income; however, priority has historically been given to AFDC families, which has resulted in a caseload that is disproportionately composed of unmarried women with children. Aside from AFDC-TANF, the only major remaining cash-benefit program is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which provides cash benefits to aged, blind, and disabled adults and to blind and disabled children.

Although it is not a transfer program, the Earned Income Tax Credit, if counted as a cash program, is also very large. Families with children and with earnings below certain thresholds receive tax credits and reductions in tax liability under the program. Figure 7–1 shows the trend in the per capita caseloads of four major programs—AFDC, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and SSI—over the last 30 years.3 The AFDC rolls grew tremendously during the late 1960s and early 1970s, a growth often attributed to relaxation of eligibility requirements and increased generosity of the benefit “package” associated with being on AFDC, but partly also a result of reductions in the stigma of welfare receipt.

The AFDC rolls then flattened out from 1973 through 1989, a result usually thought to be attributable to decreasing real AFDC 2 Medicaid also provides benefits to the elderly and disabled. We do not discuss those groups in this study. 3 Other programs are much smaller than these four. The Job Training Partnership Act and Head Start programs, for example, are less than 15 percent as extensive as SSI, the smallest of the four. Note that the Medicaid caseload numbers illustrated in Figure 7–1 include only dependent children and adults, not the elderly.

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We continue to experience great indifference towards especially minorities at the hands of family courts all over America. Family courts have adopted the belief that they have a constitution unrelated to the one governing other Americans. Family court assumes the role of a punitive arm of government charged with determining what properties a parent can own, salaries, children and even where a parent should live.

 The court determines ownership of bank accounts established prior to marriage and held in sovereign overseas countries. Family courts determines beneficiary for life insurance and can ignore requirements for child support amounts charging what ever they consider should be paid. The list goes on and on. To say family courts are out of control is an under statement. There is so much uncertainty associated with dealing with family courts that these institution determination odds are similar to winning a lottery.

 Laws are out of the court room and only the judges feelings on a particular day matters. The court denies hearings, remove parents from homes without fitness hearings or due process, imposes injunctions without notifications or hearings and impose judgments and procedures in secret without the knowledge of affected parties. Family courts will make changes to timed for hearing and will conduct hearings earlier than was reported to parties critical to hearings.

 Family courts have a culture that attracts corruption, brought about by fear, intimidation, repression and oppression. The court seem to favor stories, fabrication, unproven statements and obvious lies. The court accepts statements and representations from lawyers and parties of the court liking to arrive at decisions favorable to them.
One would think family courts would appreciate the vital relationship between parents and children; yet the court is prepared to play games with the lives of parents and children.

 The family court process for determining primary parent can be compared with spinning a dice with the winning choices limited to mothers and the States ignoring fathers.

 Family courts rule in favor of mothers 80% of the time involving conserver ship and child support.
The greatest concern is the court rampage is against parents and families that are law abiding productive citizens. Family courts make possible incarceration of parents that have supported their children for years, without welfare and complaints against care and support for their children.

 Family court acts like pirates taking away homes, property, liberty and children from parents without due process and judicial procedures. The court ignores any rule, law or constitutional requirement that does not meet its approval. The court seem to ignore any sense of humanity and consciousness that should be associate with dealing with human beings.
Family court has to determine whether its role should be that of destroying families, placing children at competitive disadvantage, making intolerable the life of parents and reducing significantly as a result the capability of parents to provide civic and other services vital to their communities.

 Family court reform is urgently needed in order to ensure confidence in the judicial system and to ensure America is viewed as a country of laws, that provide justice, equality, fairness and justice for all.

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In 2015 court 246   Houston gave two children to the control of a father since the mother openly informed the court that she had no financial resources to care for the chi!Dren. The mother had abandoned  the children one year earlier but would return to the residence periodically to conduct what the police termed malicious mischief.

In 2016 the mother had further financial problems and may have had problems with maintaining her apartment. In 2015  she petitioned the court to modify a TRO  that  was denighed  Family court 246 scheduled a divorce final for January 8th 2016 and the final was January 18th.
On January 18th she did not attend as scheduled but court 246 informed the petitioner that an attorney was employed. There  began a sequence of  unimaginable events that lasted June 21st  when the respondent received a default judgment that gave the petitioner and her attorney the home, children and every thing on the property.

Today the home is in disarray one child has all but deserted the house. The youngest child is mostly left to care for herself and the mother continue to struggle to deal with her thousands in credit card and other debts, relying on child support to meet her debt obligations.
How did  family court 246 get it so wrong? Bias. Family court rules 80% for mothers in family cases. They simply disregard the best interest of children and rule in favor of mothers regardless of their ability to meet the needs of children.

Even when the court was told by the mother that she doesn't have financial resources  to maintain children, court 246 gave her two children, a house built  20 years ago, mortgage free she has paid no  mortgage or other house related expenses. The house maybe heading g for foreclosure and are unsure what their present or future holds. The court knew she was responsible for car and apartment payments and that she would be responsible for the house, utilities and associated costs.
The court must have known that child support to that debt laden mother could not provide needed support for the children. Family court 246 has all but destroyed the lives of two children. The mother has denied the father access to the children and the court  has not helped  with motions filed with the court. Consequently the children are left to self determine their lives with the mother turning the youngest to any one she can find. Who will care for her. There is no consistency or direction associated with care for the children.

It's like family court has created the damage with the aid of  a questionable  attorney and a  mother of opportunity. Between court 246, the attorney, judge and respondent these children lives is now  complete hell. The court gave the father two days to vacate his home of 16 years and made no provision for their care. Family court has given no reason for depriving the father of his home, children and possession. The court has refused to conduct a fitness hearing and a CPS evaluation requested by the court to provide it cover clearly concluded  it found no grounds to affirm the respondent should be denied his home and family.

At present the only authority keeping the father from his home and family is court 246, without due process or rule of law.
This is not an isolated case but seemingly a pattern of behavior by family court to blatantly ignore US laws, State laws, the bill of rights and American Constitution.


For years, “Custody Evaluator / Therapist” Marsha Kleinman committed the most atrocious professional violations imaginable in family court by routinely coaching innocent children to say they had been sexually abused by their parents in order to gain a leg up in custody battles for her clients and revenue for her professional practice. And, for years, New Jersey denied such criminal action could possibly occur.

 By state law, children are subjected to vaginal rape exams for each and every false accusation perpetrated by unethical and fraudulent lawyers, judges and “experts” in their games for revenue. Marsha Kleinman has put innocent men behind bars and destroyed the lives of countless children. Professional behavior such as Ms. Kleinman’s is repeated daily in courthouses across America by similar “experts” and is fueled by family law attorneys and condoned by the family court system for revenue. The false sexual abuse accusation is #4 in their sick Family Law Playbook.

 The FCLU is NOT affiliated with the ACLU who has expressed no interest in defending family rights. The FCLU is 100% gender, religion and ethnicity neutral and aims to educate and protect all. Ironically, Family Court is neutral as well – Family Court does not care if you are a man, woman, child, white, black, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, American Indian, Eskimo, etc. Family court only cares that you have cash – cold hard, liquid cash. For all too many Americans, family court quickly becomes an unrestrained, court-system generated circus designed to pit one parent against the other in order to transfer a family’s life savings to matrimonial attorneys and court “experts.”

 Once in the family court system, it can be years and hundreds of thousands of dollars before an average family emerges from the system – broken, slandered, extorted, exploited and forever damaged beyond repair. Winners are routinely punished while the losers are routinely rewarded in family court – all to enrage and embroil families in dispute for more and more fees. Over 120,000 families are bankrupted by the family court system each year fighting deliberate false accusations of substance abuse, domestic violence and pedophilia. Once damaged, few people have any fight left in them to fight the system.

 We do and we fight for you. Our first advice for divorcing families is to stay as far away from matrimonial attorneys and family court judges as possible. The more exposure to the family court system, the less your family will end up with and the more adversarial your relationship will be. The family court acts as the front end sales and marketing arm for lawyers, “experts” and a host of other unnecessary service providers including the jail system and orders their costly use to victims on a daily basis. Family court is quite literally American Bar Associated (ABA) controlled, state sanctioned job creation, racketeering, fraud and theft of family assets. The ABA fights tooth and nail to block any reform in the interest of defrauding innocent families.

 In addition, many family court insiders belong to the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts –, which is nothing more than a think tank for more fraud such as pet custody disputes. Insiders call it “Conflict for Cash.” We call it “The Brilliant Racket™.” No honest, trusting and vulnerable family would ever expect to be exploited by what they consider a safe haven to solve their family problems – Family Court. The American Bar Association is a 410,000 member strong, $210 million dollar organized labor union which fights and lobbies to protect the industry and generate handsome fees for lawyers through ambiguity of laws, argumentative case-law and collusion.

 All lawyers and judges are members of this elite community of collusion, big business & fraud. Judges, after a few years on the bench, retire with their taxpayer’s pension and join the very law firms they enriched while on the bench in order to receive exorbitant pay as “consultants.” The family court system routinely violates fathers’, mothers’ and children’s Constitutional Rights with lack of due process restraining orders, forced alienation of children from fine, fit parents and court ordered separation of property without legal justification. By breeding and instigating malicious mothers and fathers, matrimonial attorneys and the family court system create “deadbeat dads” & “deadbeat moms” by turning fine, fit parents into destitute, broken citizens separated from their children, property and finances.

 Family court, through a system of ABA controlled, deliberately ambiguous, arcane, self-serving laws, absurd & deliberately intimidating Latin and cumbersome court rules, routinely creates fatherless & motherless children that devastate families and undermines the fabric of American society. As women continue to earn more money in the workforce, this system is turning against women with alarming speed and frequency.

 The family court system’s unregulated environment enables predatory matrimonial attorneys to exploit families at their most vulnerable time and entrap families in multi-year, financially ruinous divorce litigation and bitter, attorney-created acrimony deliberately instigated to line their pockets with your money. Families are literally picked clean by the system. In family law, there is no constitutional right to jury, due process or an attorney. As a result, elected or appointed Judges have tremendous unsupervised power to conduct their court rooms as they see fit.

 Compound this fact with the problem of underfunded and opaque ethics regulations of attorneys, judges or court appointed experts and you have the recipe for disaster for families stuck in a collusive court. The trio of judge, attorney and expert have 100% transparency into the assets of their victims and have scary powers to hold children as ransom in money grabs. It’s truly an abomination and, as Americans, we have a moral imperative to fix this situation and apply civil rights to the courts that decide the lives of our children.

 How can this possibly be? Family court is big business. A Business created by lawyers for lawyers. Divorce is a $100 Billion a year industry with massive lobbying and marketing budgets. $100 Billion, not from corporate budgets, but from your life savings and children’s college fund. It’s a system of increasing financial benefit to matrimonial attorneys & court “experts” and diminishing returns for your family – all while being marketed to you as a winning strategy and your only option to succeed during divorce. It’s nothing more than government supported job creation and legally mandated transfer of wealth. Anyone challenging what we say on this site is personally profiting from the system – period. Research their background.

 When one parent is destroyed financially, the whole family suffers. Only the legal profession has ethics boards and fee arbitration panels because they are so fraudulent. And all these boards are run by lawyers which is collusion by definition. Every week, we receive tragic stories. Divorce has no place in a court room where divorcing couples are routinely disrespected and treated like criminals by our appointed and elected civil servants. Divorce should be a regulated, thirty or sixty day event just like home real estate transfer. The process needs fixed legal fees for paperwork, fixed accounting fees for asset division, alimony and child support calculations based on standardized schedules.

 Shared physical custody needs to be set at 50/50 with offsets for parental schedules. With a regulated time frame, conflict and legal abuse syndrome is minimized, families remain solvent and children remain protected. The family court system will lose its power to remove children from fine, fit parents, bankrupt and destroy productive members of society and create adversarial situations that push people to dangerous limits. With a 30 or 60 day system of divorce, divorce rates would likely trend downward which shall improve the fabric of American society.

The current industry model of making a mountain out of a molehill for revenue is at the end of its abusive, greedy, self-serving and destructive cycle. Fortunately, the era has arrived for reforming the family court system for American citizens. Our Mission is to harness the strength, energy and determination of thousands of disparate, autonomous fathers’ & mothers’ groups and millions of damaged parents and children and channel that power into a force of ONE NATIONAL VOICE to enact modern legislation and a system of checks & balances. We will not stand by as irresponsible family court laws, willing courts and 10,000 American Bar Association matrimonial attorneys prey on and destroy the lives of millions of Americans.

 The power of social media and education of the problems will drive the message to our civil servants that change can no longer be ignored by them. Our strategy is well-engineered, our vision is focused and our commitment unwavering. Another innovative program developed by the FCLU, our Judicial Investigative Program, represents a higher level of checks and balances for a system in need of change. See JIP™ in the About Us section. Register your judicial tip, lead or complaint in the Take Action section Today! FTC – FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION CASE FCLU has opened a formal Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case for investigation into Family Court Fraud, Deception & Racketeering.

 Send your complaints to or fax 202-326-2012. Please reference Case Number 58748109 in the email subject line. State all judges, lawyers, “experts”, laws broken, duration and cost of your case. Make sure you include your contact information, docket number and jurisdictional information. Your document can be as little as one page or numerous pages.

 We need volumes of complaints to support our formal legal filings. FTC’s charter is “Protecting America’s Consumer” and Family Court needs to be abolished or strongly regulated federally. Let’s make them do their job


This post is not edited and contents is merely relayed for the purpose of identifying with injustice perpetuated by family courts against law abiding hard working, providing parents. Parents either pre define as law breakers or given prison records for no other offence other than being a father in America and having to file for divorce. Family court has become a bank for dishonest attorneys and mothers of opportunity depending on bias judges for financial resources at the expense of hard working fathers. Scott Clemens said,

 March 22, 2011 at 7:28 am Sounds like I have a similar case, in Dallas County Court, 303rd and been a victim of the corruption since January ’05. Let me read more before I comment further, I am presently case organizing fro U.S. Attorney Generals’ Office…found deaf ears at Texas Attorney General, Texas State Bar, etc have all IGNORED my pleas and requests as “lawyers” and “judges”, both associate and other continue their abuse.

Aaron said, June 8, 2011 at 12:59 am Dear Steven, I am an attorney in the Houston area and would like to talk to you. There are a lot of attorneys who share your same viewpoints about the judges. It hurts the justice system as a whole when there are rogues running amuck. I have some ideas as to fight back against the system. Ironically this systematic injustice that exists downtown is a repeat of this book Please email me at your earliest convience! 1. Tony said, October 11, 2011 at 12:39 am Currently,

 I am preceding pro se in a Fort Bend County District Court (family court) and have been subjected to malicious prosecution and prolonged economic duress both intrinsic and extrinsic to the proceedings and lack the economic resources to hire an attorney. I do not meet the legal threshold for Indigence. (Thank goodness) However, I live paycheck to paycheck and most of my time and resources are exhausted in an attempt to maintaining a loving relationship with my children.

This is no trivial task, when faced with an ex that has a pathological need to destroy such relations. I firmly believe that after reasonable inquiry into the facts and circumstances of my case a reasonable and prudent person would conclude that the trial court has without good cause aligned itself against me, and has actively engaged in a course of conduct constituting a pervasive pattern of artful manipulation, baiting and bullying me and my prior attorneys, selective or inconsistent application and enforcement of the law, the rules of evidence, and the rules civil procedure; and such conduct is designed and intended to achieve the trial court’s self-serving goals or desired outcome.

 Additionally, the trial judge has maliciously altered portions of active legal instruments that has substantially deprived me of due possess of law and is clearly in violation of Sec. 37.10.of the Texas Penal Code, (TAMPERING WITH GOVERNMENTAL RECORD) and may constitute violations under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law and Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights. Moreover, there are many less flagrant violations that collectively show a pervasive pattern of intentional deprivation of rights that couldn’t have occurred by chance or without intelligent design and purpose. It’s not just Houston/Harris County family courts.

One of these days they are going to get tired of kicking my butt. Maybe then I will find some justice. Stay strong and never give up. 1. Scott Clemens said, March 22, 2011 at 7:28 am Sounds like I have a similar case, in Dallas County Court, 303rd and been a victim of the corruption since January ’05. Let me read more before I comment further, I am presently case organizing for U.S. Attorney Generals’ Office…found deaf ears at Texas Attorney General, Texas State Bar, etc have all IGNORED my pleas and requests as “lawyers” and “judges”, both associate and other continue their abuse. 2. Aaron said, June 8, 2011 at 12:59 am Dear Steven, I am an attorney in the Houston area and would like to talk to you. There are a lot of attorneys who share your same viewpoints about the judges.

It hurts the justice system as a whole when there are rogues running amuck. I have some ideas as to fight back against the system. Ironically this systematic injustice that exists downtown is a repeat of this book Please email me at your earliest convince! 1. Amanda said, November 2, 2011 at 7:46 pm I am in the middle of a custody case in the 247 court and have never seen such corruption in my life!!! My Ex filed for custody because I got remarried. His sleazy $500 an hour Lawyers were in the associate Judges back pocket. I could not afford that kind of lawyer so I got the best I could, to no avail.
My ex had a case built on lies, the same lies he used during my divorce and he lost everything in the divorce. Why is it now, he gets this big expensive attorney who is padding the judges pockets, she rules in his favor, with absolutely -0- proof!!!!

 This judge treated me like a mother who is on drugs and abuses and neglects my children. In fact, she stated in the temporary orders that “the court has found proof” there was no proof!! I’ve never done a drug in my life; I am a hard working stand up citizen. In fact she ordered me to do several costly test and evaluations. I passed them all with flying colors, in fact the results state the I have no issue with any substances and furthermore, was diagnosed with PTSD, from my abusive ex husband.
My lawyer and everyone else were floored at her decision!! She took my kids away.

 I am still fighting this battle, I don’t know where to begin I could use some good advice on what steps I should take to overturn this ruling. 2. SAM CINO said, December 13, 2011 at 1:40 pm Visit my web site one pg and watch video of Nancy Schaefer. Also tube 8sam66 3. Miguel Pappolla said, December 29, 2011 at 3:35 am The corruption in family courts is rampant in Texas. If have an Y chromosome (meaning you are a male) you have no constitutional rights in Texas Family Law Courts. I went through a divorce in which I was falsely accused of abusing alcohol (shown to be false after forensic testing), then of abusing drugs (shown to be bogus after extensive and sophisticated forensic testing).

 I had to spend about $300.000 in legal fees in order to see my child. The attorney for my spouse, Lindsey Short, Jr. extinguished my then 6 year old child’s educational account (which before the divorce was approximately $90,000 to a current value of $ 0.00) in legal fees, in a case supposedly being “in the interest of the child”.

All of this while I was not the bad character of the story. No history of abuse of any kind in my household or anything improper. My child and I (the father) were punished for no reason. Family Law in Texas is a circus mounted for the financial gain of the attorneys and corrupt culture of the judges. THIS IS THE PATTERN IN TEXAS. SHAME ON YOU, Texas Family Courts. 1. Red Gown said, January 30, 2012 at 4:00 pm I read your blog on Bonnie Hellums yesterday. I was not surprised in the least and I absolutely know there are hundreds more who have witnessed their children suffer because of this poisonous woman. I also dealt with her and personally witnessed her violating every one of the canons that define judicial misconduct. She is completely unethical, thoroughly dishonest, and lacking in intelligence and humanity. To say that her court is run based on personal relationships is a vast understatement.

Attempting to get her superior, Judge Olen Underwood, to address the issue is completely futile. He has literally received scores of complaints and valid requests for her recusal and turns a blind eye and deaf ear… and he is a football buddy (Houston Oilers teammates 1967-9) of Hellums’ husband, Carel Stith. Her husband, Stith, by the way, attempted to silence a displeased client (yes, he is now a family law amicus attorney) by warning him that his wife was a family law judge and would “get him.” I, too, read Court watch and was appalled to read Hellums touted as a reformer in the book. Her behavior as a judge is not just immoral, it is illegal.

 I have heard lawyers and other judges alike refer to her as “crazy” and are horrified and amazed that she still holds a seat. Something is terribly broken in the Harris County Family Court system. The FBI investigated it once and I believe it should be brought it again. Those who read this blog in order to protect Hellums have chosen personal gain over the interests of the children they have sworn to protect and I hope to see them all experience justice….real justice.

We should work toward that end. 2. Red Gown said, February 1, 2012 at 4:03 am I read your blog on Bonnie Hellums yesterday. I was not surprised in the least and I absolutely know there are hundreds more who have witnessed their children suffer because of this poisonous woman. I also dealt with her and personally witnessed her violating every one of the canons that define judicial misconduct. She is completely unethical, thoroughly dishonest, and lacking in intelligence and humanity. To say that her court is run based on personal relationships is a vast understatement.

 Attempting to get her superior, Judge Olen Underwood, to address the issue is completely futile. He has literally received scores of complaints and valid requests for her recusal and turns a blind eye and deaf ear… and he is a football buddy (Houston Oilers teammates 1967-9) of Hellums’ husband, Carel Stith. Her husband, Stith, by the way, attempted to silence a displeased client (yes, he is now a family law amicus attorney) by warning him that his wife was a family law judge and would “get him.” I, too, read Court watch and was appalled to read Hellums touted as a reformer in the book. Her behavior as a judge is not just immoral, it is illegal. I have heard lawyers and other judges alike refer to her as “crazy” and are horrified and amazed that she still holds a seat. Something is terribly broken in the Harris County Family Court system.

The FBI investigated it once and I believe it should be brought it again. Those who read this blog in order to protect Hellums have chosen personal gain over the interests of the children they have sworn to protect and I hope to see them all experience justice….real justice. We should work toward that end. 3. Rosalie said, March 8, 2012 at 7:44 pm The 247th Family Court – Judge Bonnie Hellums – ruined my faith in the legal system. She repeatedly ignored the evidence across two and half years of hearings, violated my parental rights to my son’s records, discriminated against me because I had the misfortune to lose my job and get cancer, and conducted her in the most unprofessional manner from the bench, sarcastic, belittling and threatening.

 As an example of the many, she sneered “cancer comes back and did I want my son to go through all that.” I wished I had had a video-camera every time I was in her court. (I always order transcripts.) If my attorney and I were not being the brunt of her venom, then I would see before my hearing all the parents that were not represented by Hellums’ favorite attorneys.

 My mother followed a mom out of the courtroom to console her one time because Hellums had given the three toddlers to the father who did not want them, because the mom’s attorney failed to tell her about the parenting class. When the mom cried, Hellums shouted “crying won’t get you anywhere” as if the mom had thought it would.

In my case, my son’s father literally marked through the right to determine residency, and wrote in that the “father had the right to determine residency” in our divorce decree in 2002, after Judge Hellums had approved the decree, but before it was filed with the Clerk. In 2009 when my son wanted to live with me, I appeared before Judge Hellums. In the court records, there uninitiated by my attorney and my initials were written in by my ex-husband, was a clear evidence of fraud. However, Judge Hellums rewarded the fraud, she ignored it. Then

 Hellums claimed that had no bearing on the case before her. In more recent hearings, she denies my right for my son’s records (I have joint custody and conservatorship) even though his father’s team has them and relies on them for expert evidence. There is not case law presented by my Ex, his initiate friend the therapist, and their attorneys.
Hellums just denies it because she can. She answers to no one. I finally asked for a jury trial, but then I settled in mediation but the Hellums court has left a cruel mark on my son. 4. Administrator said, March 9, 2012 at 5:14 pm Rosalie – I’m very sorry for injustice and harm that Judge Hellums has caused you through her actions during your case.

 I have experienced many more instances in the 5 years that my case was pending other than what is provided on my website in which Judge Hellums based her decisions, not on the law, but on who her favorite attorney was for that day or who had the better smile… Whatever the case, her and her court court is not interested in the slighted in doing what is in the best interests of our very young children. Instead, she and her flock of favorite attorneys cover for each other’s wrongdoings. I know for a fact that attorneys will illegally communicate (unilaterally) with Judge Hellums regarding a pending case in her court. 

These are called ex parte communications and are strongly prohibited because they can unfairly influence the judge. Instead of refusing to respond to these communications and providing a copy to all other attorneys on the case in accordance with the rules and Judicial Ethics Opinions,
Judge Hellums deletes the communications so that there is no evidence of her or the attorney’s wrongdoing and denies ever receiving the communications in open court. Just unbelievable. I have a civil lawsuit pending against a very big name attorney here in Houston, Wendy Burgower, for her malicious actions based in part on the improper influence of her ex parte communications with Judge Hellums and the resulting order that was signed by Judge Hellums due to the improper influence. What is sad is that no one in the court system will do anything to stop it, even after evidence of wrongdoing is presented.

 Again, I’m sorry for your experience with Judge Hellums and I wish you much luck and happiness with your son… God bless…. 5. Marina said, April 1, 2012 at 2:00 am Dan, You have got a good thing going on here on this page. If we do not speak out somewhere, nobody is interested in hearing our individual stories unless they are repeated cases of corruption, and prejudiced judicial system.
Judge Carolyn Marks Johnson who gets paid by me with my tax dollars told me to go and spend more of my hard earned money and come to court with an attorney. She enforced the fudged MSA by she cannot stand an independent and intelligent woman in front of her. As for Wendy Burgower, beware if you come across as more intelligent than her. She is a diva in her mind and told me off with the following words:” who do you think you are to go to court on your own? What? You think you are smarter than me? Because I know you are just bitter because your husband left you.” No class, classless, an old crow with peacock up her culo. 6. Sam said, August 13, 2012 at 3:32 am What is it with 309th? Same lawyers Mary olga Lovett, Robert Kuehm, and Judge Dean. Weird. Too weird to be coincidence. 7. Administrator said, August 14, 2012 at 2:43 am Sam, Wow – no surprise though. Robert Kuehm and Mary Olga Lovett were masters of deceit and corruption evidenced by their many violations of the Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct when they were a team on my case. Mary Olga said at my trial that she would never work a family law case again – yeah right. I guess there is just too much opportunity to break the rules in the family law courts…

Thanks for sharing… 8. Lynn said, September 11, 2012 at 9:45 pm Judge Hellums worked in the best interest of my ex husband and his family of lawyers and in the worst interest of my children twelve years ago when she presided over my divorce and chose the custodial parent of my children to be a man who left the house at 5 am and left three children, ages 12, 10 and 8 to fend for themselves to wake, ready, and get to school on their own or with an evil woman who started their day by speaking badly of their mother on their way to school. He had nothing but negative Two of the three were able to get through challenging years with therapy and God and staying positive through the negative lifestyle they had to endure.

 The third is now a victim of Bonnie Hellums and her “interest of the child” ruling, back in the court system due to alcohol and drug abuse, in an effort to “escape” the life Bonnie Hellums chose for him. Her words in the courtroom, after checking her watch over and over and seeming bored with character witnesses for myself (at least 10), but listening quite attentively to the one character witness for my ex, his sister, who happens to be a lawyer, “I’ve made my decision….the children will stay in the home with the father and the mother has between 6 and 8pm to remove her belongings”.
That was certainly not in the best interest of my children, but no one was listening, especially not the Judge.

 We owned two homes and I walked out of the courtroom with no home. Shameful that our court system has the power to ruin young lives to favor lawyers–WRONG. 9. Sam said, September 22, 2012 at 6:58 pm International protest for the love of children Here in Houston on September 27th. 10. ENRIQUE said, October 10, 2012 at 8:49 pm A judge in the 247th district court would not even listen to my side of the story even though I have documented video, audio, text messages, paper work that proves the facts of my case. The opposing lawyer postponed the case so long that the amicus representing the case went on his side to slander me and make me seem like all I wanted was child support money when that wasn’t the case at all. My ex spouse kept my son out of school for 2 1/2 months and would not take him to get medical help when he needed it and all I wanted was temporary custody to get him back in school and get him medical attention.

They made it into an all out custody battle which was never intended. 11. Jo said, November 13, 2012 at 9:45 pm How did you find an atty to file a civil suit? Who is the atty, and would this person be willing to file class action suit? 12. Dorothea Laster said, February 10, 2013 at 3:23 am Corruption exists in the world. However, a lot of times what appears to be corruption to a lay person is just a lack of information about how the judicial system works–usually a lack of knowledge about procedural rules. That’s what attorneys know that you don’t when you represent yourself–and the process is not geared toward slowing down and explaining it to you. That said–there is implied findings in a Judge’s ruling from the bench. Clearly a Judge cannot recite 40 pages of text that a divorce decree or other order will end up being. Guidance about short cut phrases about what rights a Joint Managing Conservator will have, for example, is in the Family Code in detail. If you don’t know that, the order you get may be a surprise.

Also, attorneys or Pro SE parties draft orders in Texas State Courts–the Judges typically don’t. Judges do not have time to read each proposed decree word for word–if at all. If you have an issue with a proposed order because you don’t think it reflects the Court’s ruling the burden is upon you to come up with your own judgment within the time frame, and file a motion to enter your order/judgment and set it for hearing. If the other side’s inaccurate order got entered without being provided to you first, you can file a timely motion to set aside or correct that order (or call it a motion for new trial), and again submit what you think is the correct judgment language and have a hearing on it. Time limits do matter. You can be right as rain–but if you didn’t file your motion to correct the judgment in a timely manner a Judge lacks the power to correct it. I dislike lawyer and judge slamming.

Lawyers studied long and hard and representation of a party to a lawsuit is not as easy as it looks. It makes me mad sometimes–I don’t go to your job an assume I can do what you do without training–why do you assume you can do mine? If you have to represent yourself–assume that there are things (especially deadlines) that you don’t know and try to familiarize yourself with procedural deadlines. If you get an adverse ruling promptly get a copy of the transcript of what the Judge said and/or take detailed notes of what the Judge said. 

That can help any subsequent lawyer trying to help to tell you where you went wrong, and what to do next, or if this really is a rare case of improper judicial conduct. Look in your phone book for low income legal services like legal aid. I hope that helps.
This is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice–just an observation. 13. Sam cino said, February 23, 2013 at 8:06 pm Politicians have made it legal for Nazi judges, lawyers and the children aid societies to kidnap our children so that they can be brutally raped and pillaged by them.. with no accountability !!!! … isn’t democracy beautiful!!!!! politicians , judges, lawyers , family physiologist and children aid societies cannot raise their own children but our going to tell me and you how to raise ours??????? my believe ;; if judges are above the law therefore they must be God I suggest they get nailed to the cross and see if they can rise again from the dead. 14.

 Stop the Corruption said, April 5, 2013 at 4:21 pm I am interested in writing a story about corruption in Harris County Family Court. Please contact me by email at so that you can share your part of the story. Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon. 15. jacket said, May 25, 2013 at 2:53 am Please call me asp. I have a girlfriend going Through HELL. This could be a big lawsuit.

For anyone who’s been ruined. Please. 2103283283 Jackie 16. Andrea said, July 1, 2013 at 8:01 am If you want to write about the Harris County Family Court then you need to hear my entire story that is STILL going on after 15 years and over half a million in attorney’s fees. What I can say is that I was lucky to find Wally Mahoney in 1999 because in Harris County every attorney you know will be happy to ask for at least $5,000 to “help you” and if they suck, then they will also be happy to put a lien against your assets to get paid. 

Wally won for me as long as I followed his rules. And he is a big part of that group of attorneys, and it’s not Wally, it’s just how you have to operate to win in Harris County. I do not advocate Robert Keuhm and would rather see him shipped to practice in Mexico since he was instrumental in removing my children from me after my ex-husband attempted to kidnap my children out of the country. He got mad about my not being able to pay his bills and that’s the way it works. Wally isn’t like that, but you have to pay. After years of fighting, and winning and losing and rehiring and firing attorneys – Wally the most (and that takes character to get fired and be re-hired by the same person) I will tell you. Get a prenup.

There were great judges when I started my case in 1999, but my Judge is now on the Texas State Supreme Court and the same old groups are running the show. And the judges make you hire Dr. Silverman, and Dr. Silverman or their shrink of chaise, and the Judge will put you at risk and ensure you live with your soon to be ex unless you get beat up and gain a protective order. Then you have to leave the home with no property or money until you can get the judge to have you very FAIR ex husband to allow a FRIEND OR NEIGHBOR to come get the THINGS HE chooses to disclose that he has – despite all this father’s rights crap – there are no winners in this situation and the father’s rights advocates have ruined the system. There should be no bias on gender per our constitution. Right? Please avoid that father’s rights crap – for those women whom have lost their rights but don’t have a Political Action Committee backing them. Let’s call it even.

I know the Harris County Family Court Judges tried to right a long-time wrong of father’s not gaining custody but it was OVERKILL. And it literally did kill. I know more than one mother that has been stalked and killed. I know children that have committed suicide. And I know one father that gained custody from a dedicated mother that had a wonderful job and gave her two children wonderful lives, but I had a brain aneurysm. When I got out of the hospital alive, I had lost my kids and was ordered to pay child support. I’ve never recovered from that, nor has Wally I am sure. But there was an Ad Litem name Robert Keuhm that could have made a difference. 

There were many others involved in my case which listen PEOPLE involves a Mexican National that flies for Continental Airlines, dresses like a woman most of the time, and is holding my children hostage – he frightens me, threatens to hurt them and I just wait for them to turn 18. That is all I can do after all the money, and the sincere threat of their disappearance to Mexico or Germany. Count your blessings Dads, and remember there are women that have suffered the same injustices. If I could, and I will.

I will write my book when I am sure my children will not be hurt any more than they do now, since if I even attempt to visit them, he serves me for any unnecessary thing. And his attorney is a woman. How about that? Don’t hesitate to call me and I can refer you all over town to the right attorneys, do not ask your neighbor, your boss, your friend. Ask someone that knows and has spent hours upon hours in the 409, 17. jo said, July 13, 2013 at 4:09 pm Aaron, you are an atty. You had some ideas. I would like to talk to you. How can you be reached? 

My grandson would like to take action, and I would like to help him if possible. Oh,Truncellito is dirty, He was part of the corruption. His office address is nonexistent, and he is now working for the federal Govt. He is and was involved in this crud. Not only was there an FBI investigation(stopped by Don Clark who went to work for the O’Quinn law firm), there was a US Justice dept investigation. The women and men who protested this corruption almost got them, but they killed several of them including Donna Ignoring, and another man. These were good people. They also fired the US investigator. The dirty people won. 

These people are organized criminals. they need to be stopped. 18. Darla said, November 18, 2013 at 8:59 pm If you Google The Enos Law Firm Newsletter there is an article that reads Judge Bonnie Hellums must change her illegal policies.
This judge Bonnie Hellums in court 247th must enjoy taking kids away from their mothers. This judge gave my son’s father custody after he failed 2 drug tests that were court ordered and he is a convicted felon. All because he had a better lawyer that knows the judge. 

The decision was made before I even went to court. I did not get a fair trial and I lost my son just because I had moved out of state and had to move back. My son’s father denied me of many visitations but I still have to pay him child support. I have lost my son all thanks to this judge. Please vote someone else in before more children are taken from their mothers for no good reason. 19. Victor rojas said, January 13, 2014 at 8:12 pm My name is victor rojas , I and my daughter are victims of this evil women Bonnie hellums . On 2002 I went to court just for a custody arrangement . My ex had a really good lawyer mine not so good .

My ex lied her eyes out I out me that I was a drunk , I did drugs , I beat her , I tried to kill my daughter which was two years old at the time . And judge Bonnie hellums believed everything she said , and my ex had absolutely no proof or records of these thing she said happened . But I believe because I’m of Mexican descend and my ex is white the judge believed her . So after all that the Judge sent me to a drug and alcohol assessment center and nothing negative came out . Then I did a year at safe program they gave me good reviews , a hair drug test came back negative for drugs . Sent me to her clinical Psychologist he said I had no anger issues and there was nothing wrong with me . I was thrown in jail because I was like three months late on child support .

 But I did pay my ex every late payment when she took me to court . The story goes on and on . I fought her for about 8 years and I still have not seen my child . I don’t understand how some horrible person can sit there and decide to ruin someone’s life and nothing can be done about it . At least I know when she dies she will be judged for everything she did to us . 20. Attorney CS said, January 18, 2014 at 9:00 am I am an attorney and uncovered wide spread corruption. It is not just in the family law courts, it is in all of the courts. It involves the clerks, the lawyers, the DA’s, and more. It is not a friendship deal, it is all financial (payoffs).

It is a system of criminal lawyers and judges, who have a criminal system to defraud unsuspecting persons. They love when the unsuspecting party does not know what is going on. They all put on a show. And even the lawyer for the unsuspecting victim, determined at the start of the case, knows what us going on. The only one who does not know is the litigant with the bad label. It is sick and evil. But it is not only family law. They will target a business to take over, a person with money to steal from and they come from all sides. They use the same scams over and over and the same tricks over and over. I have been fighting the corruption for years and I think I will publish a book with the top 100 tricks they all use to cheat. Then, they use the state bar of Texas to attack the lawyers who speak out, which is what I am going through. It is a constant fight.

The system is very sick and almost, if not, hopeless. A lot of arrests and a lot of changes need to take place to change this corrupt system before we fall like Rome. It is just as bad here as any third world country, and if you do not believe it, that is because you do not see it. 21. Attorney CS said, January 18, 2014 at 9:06 am This in on the FBI’s website and this is what is going on all over the place. If you want to know what is happening, read this. “Public Corruption: Courtroom for Sale Judge Gets Jail Time in Racketeering Case” 22. Frank Bustoz said, February 17, 2014 at 8:08 pm In Austin….dealing with my ex’s unethical dirty scoundrel of a lawyer…he and she are hell bent on minimizing my time with my son. Anyone with any advice or recommendations …

.I appreciate any help!!?? I currently have a SAPCR final Order…she violated it for six months under the advice and urging of her attorney….I need to know how to file sanctions on opposing counsel…Motion to Disqualify…as well as a civil suit if this is possible …. 23. Frank Bustoz said, February 17, 2014 at 8:10 pm Hello, In Austin….dealing with my ex’s unethical dirty scoundrel of a lawyer…he and she are hell bent on minimizing my time with my son. Anyone with any advice or recommendations ….I appreciate any help!!?? I currently have a SAPCR final Order…she violated it for six months under the advice and urging of her attorney….I need to know how to file sanctions on opposing counsel…

Motion to Disqualify…as well as a civil suit if this is possible …. 24. Richard Letty said, September 18, 2014 at 4:08 pm Bonnie Crane Hellums has breached her judiciary responsibilities as judge in the 247th District Court by engaging in such practices as tampering with transcripts, engaging in exparte communications with opposing counsel, and extending legally inconsistent rulings for the benefit of favored attorneys.

We, the citizens of Texas, petition the State of Texas to deny Judge Hellums any and all benefits that may accrue to her from the State of Texas and Harris County. Without you, the citizens of Harris County, justice cannot be served for the children and families who have suffered because of Judge Hellums’ alleged bias and violations of law. Until now, the stories and voices of those affected have not been heard. Today, a chance for change is possible and we all have a voice that can be heard across the world-wide web. Sign the petition at for “No More HELLums” and justice for our children. 1. Priscella said, December 30, 2014 at 12:50 pm I am also a victim of court 247. my kids were forced to live with their dad one year ago.

It broke me emotionally and my children too. I’m beginning to feel strong again and would like to tell my story and I’m seeking people who will be willing to help me. My children are 10 and 7. They were 7 and 5 when our worlds were thrown into a tornado. They cry and wish so much to have their old lives back. I’m not even sure if that is possible. But I am willing to at least try. I love my children and I would never give up on them. 2. Sara said, February 2, 2015 at 6:23 am can a RIGHTEOUS attorney within a state AS BIG AS TEXAS simply STEP UP ? this is UNREAL that no one can get a word in edgewise inside these kangaroo courts and OUR FAMILIES ARE DESTROYED. and folks ? this ALSO APPLIES to the subhumans within the probate /guardianship AND THEY ARE CPS ON STEROIDS. Instead of you’re under age 18 children disappeared, our adult aged DISABLED and elderly ARE DISAPPEARED.

 SOME GET LUCKY and PAY THOUSANDS to make their own disabled adults WARD OF THESE COURTS as that’s ALL A GUARDIANSHIP DOES, it makes THEM WARDS OF THE COURT and goolygeeeez,THEY THEN ALLOW YOU TO POSSESS THE WARD….bbb but as THEIR WARD and you all are on a lifetime of PROBATION reporting to the COURT. plus in MOST CASES there are no charges or crimes or even APS involved….just THEIR SACRED WORD against YOUR FACTUAL TRUTHS. sound familiar ? same script different stage and actors. why is there NO ONE to take authentic, VERIFIED CASES regarding JUDICIAL ABUSE = constitutional violations ? WE need to UNITE AND FIGHT NONSTOP and sue them out of business. 3. Camilla said, February 7, 2015 at 6:45 am Corpus Christi – is there any accountability in family law court for arrogant spouses who break all temporary orders or for attorneys who seem to turn a blind eye to the needs of their own client? While I won’t claim to have been the best spouse,

I entered into the legal process of divorce with respect and intention to allow the law to settle our differences but I am the only party involved who is. What recourse do I have if my spouse closed over 200 thousand dollars worth of accounts, made criminal accusations to an employer, gave my dog away, changed the locks on our home, refused to give me the paycheck my employer mailed to said home and refused to show at mediation?

 My paid in full attorney hasn’t answered my questions and because of the in access to my own money, I can’t hire another! Suggestions? (thank you) 4. 5. Michael said, February 18, 2015 at 4:47 pm It was just brought to my attention that an attorney that is appointed as an amicus out of this court is married to a convicted child sex offender with a long history for drugs. The attorney is Shannon Boudreaux and she is married to a guy names Richard David Crow. I can’t believe these judges would appoint someone as an amicus for the children who are married to a person convicted of a sexual offense against a child.