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How can it be that Harris County Family Courts are so conclusively corrupt yet Law makers, Court Administrators and the office of the Attorney General does not seem to be aware or simply ignore obvious  wide spread racketeering and corruption that is degrading the reputation of the courts.

Or could it be that these officials, agencies and institutions are well aware of Harris County Court Corruption but are either burying their heads in the sand or are simply ignoring the plight of thousands of especially vulnerable Harris County residents that are unable to resist judicial assault from the hands of family courts judges.

Law makers provided judges with great latitude and immunity from prosecution for obvious injustices and crimes. They, in essence tie the hands of hard working and law abiding parents, while providing court officials with enormous levels of resources, for providing protection to court processes, judges and their staff.

        Children? who cares about children?

Can any one believe Texas cannot afford to employ separate clerks for the 1st and 14th intermediate courts of appeal serving Harris County Texas? Clerks are provided lots of administrative power and and selected by justices of the court. Having one clerk for both courts, short circuit litigants chanced of obtaining justice.

Clerk Christopher Prine is closely related to Past Judge Charley Prine. Charley Prine up to November 2018 was the most aggressive, controversial judge serving the county. Also, the family court system was the most corrupt and manipulating government institution operating in the County. Judges constructed a ring of comradeship  that  made public opposition impossible. Yet one Clerk made the determination as to which appeals court an appellant was placed in.

Can anyone contemplate court reporters in Harris County family courts charge about $500.00 per hour for recording testimony? Family Court 246 Harris County charged  $2400.00 for 10 hours of trial. Of essence most of the 10 hours were spent in court deliberations and procedures having nothing to do with testimony recording. This period also included 90 minutes daily for lunch.

These reporters make use of taxpayers court material and equipment and are paid salaries in the professional range. How can Harris County justify these fees. A reasonable conclusion could be that these fees are charged to hinder average Americans to afford justice.

Family court 309 charged  $125.00 for a 10 minute hearing where the Judge simply reset the hearing by requesting the petitioner's  personal phone number and promising to contact him  when she was finished reviewing a motion to reinstate a case that was falsely dismissed by Judge Charley Prine who lied on an official document claiming there was no activity in the case for 6 months. A simple review of the court docket will clearly show both  opponents and petitioner  were in court regarding that case 5 times in that period.

      Extend the case milk law abiding parents.

Harris County Family Courts stage judicial kidnapping of children from caring parents to parents they favor without the support of evidence or law. These judges make rulings that are so outrageous that they impose gag orders to protect their injustices and lawlessness. Harris County family courts impose default judgments without notice or process service to parties affected in many instanced, the court has knowledge that the party was not available or the court had neither certificate or prof of service, mandatory to provide jurisdiction for authenticating a case.

Harris Court family court judges refrain from providing rational for verdicts simply because they cannot provide statements of facts  and conclusions of law. These judges are intentional law breakers who protect their lawlessness using high costs that are clearly outside the  reach of especially minority  Americans.

A few hours in family court 310 would leave someone even a novice,  with no doubt that Associate Judge Conrad is either incompetent, bias, vindictive or punitive. After all,  the judge started a hearing without swearing or affirming any party, then concluded by asking the respondent whether she opposed the motion filed by the petitioner, then simply denied the  motions to restore the case to  conditions of  pre- trial since the case was dismissed along with all temporary orders associated  rulings, including salary garnishment and also to reinstate the case, since reinstatement was timely filed and accepted by the court there were hearings attended by both parties weeks prior, yet Associate judge Conrad found legal cover to deny the motions using Texas Rules Of Civil Procedure, 165 a.

I encourage every reader who is not convince of the of judge Conrad lack of understand or simple disregard for Texas rules to read this very simple and uncomplicated rule.

I met a young man in court family court 310 who has made a game of family court gimmicks. He has not only predicted the method of operations of the court but the time it takes to go through routines of the judges and attorneys. They are very predictable; extend the cases to  milk every penny from hard working parents.In his case the family court judge uses another method to pirate funds from this parent, given the judges by law makers. THE ATTORNEY AT LITEM AND AMACUS were given to judges by the to legislature  to further their reach into the pockets of  residents who have limited resources. These judges act as  judicial pirates even more  dangerous compared to pirates using riffles.

This young  man was paying his attorney fees and the cost for the attorney at litem yet there was no urgency or necessity to complete his case. The case has already lasted more than 2 years and as predicted the attorneys gabbled together and the referee, the associate judge Conrad simply reset the case and their corrupt gimmick continues. Another hearing, more wasted time,  a few more dollars pirated by the Texas family court system.

The best situation for Harris County Courts is the election results of 2018. All suspect judges lost their reelection attempts including Charley Prine and judges from courts 309 and 310 breaking the established ring of judicial corruption that existed in Harris County . This in essence brought to an end the existing web of corrupt associated with  judges operating the courts. Unfortunately, Harris County litigants will have to contend with web attachments that will continue to exist between individual judicial affiliations and appeals courts, politicians and judicial administrative personnel.

Fortunately, new judges will not have access to and established ring and be in collaboration with an army of corrupt judges that existed prior to 2018.

That is certainly good news for Harris County but particularly for the Judaical System of Harris County Texas.

      Family courts pirate money from parents.

Below is yet another case depicting corruption involving family court 310 Harris County Texas. Exhibits and further documents are available by Google court 310 Harris County.

Not endorsing comments or material associate with the following material. Material used for comparative and support of  personal experiences from family courts Harris County Texas.


Issues Presented: Unedited.

I.    Is the Infamous and Oppressive 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, d/b/a Judge Lisa Millard, d/b/a Associate Judge Conrad Moren, and all Clerks and other Sundry 310th Court Employees Committing Fraud and Racketeering While Simultaneously Contemning and Defying their Sworn Oaths of Office to “daily protect, defend, support, and uphold the Federal, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, AGAIN?”

      Associate judge assume the role of pirate

I.    Is the Infamous and Oppressive 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, d/b/a Judge Lisa Millard, d/b/a Associate Judge Conrad Moren, and all Clerks and other Sundry 310th Court Employees Committing Fraud and Racketeering While Simultaneously Contemning and Defying their Sworn Oaths of Office to “daily protect, defend, support, and uphold the Federal, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, AGAIN?”

II.  Is d/b/a Judge Millard and her Pay-to-Play Court of the 310th Trying to Do to Me What they Did to Clifford Hall when she held him in contempt of court and fraudulently imprisoned him for overpaying back child support in the amount of $3,000.00 and spending too much time with his eleven year old son who adored him because the court modified child support and visitation orders without even bothering to notify Mr. Hall, let alone giving him a fair hearing or trial after proper notice of such hearing that never occurred, thus emasculating his Fourteenth Amendment constitutional right to due process of law and to equal protections of the law?

See Exhibits I, II, and III Above, Printed from the Public Website of the Harris County Clerk, Chris Daniel, and Scanned and Uploaded onto Computer (And Mailed to Others for Safekeeping in the Event Harris County once again tries to take away my liberty, as they already kidnapped my only child and gave him to a sexually deviant pervert and a criminal (see public records of Matthew James Worrell in Harris County, Texas 2005-2006, and mugshots from Lewisville, Texas around 1998 or 1999)  who threatened to “ruin” my life, along with his family for not having an abortion in 2006 that he, without my knowledge or consent, scheduled several times over the Public Internet with his Credit Card–he even misspelled my name, of this, Judge Millard, Moren, and the 310th Court Staff had evidence on file– so he could let his wife with whom he committed adultery and stole another man’s family (also on record in the 310th–See divorce papers for Nancy Gray-Dufour, now Nancy Gray-Worrell) force my only child, my son, now age seven (7), who was kidnapped under the color of law at age 5 1/2, right before he started kindergarten.

Evidence Presented:
First, If one scrutinizes the dates printed in the bottom right-hand corner of Exhibits I, II, and III above, and contrasts those dates with the alleged “Judgments/Events” (the tab on the Harris County Clerk’s public website when one searches Cause No. 2007-05391 after clicking on the Search Records and Documents option on the left hand side of the screen), one will notice that on April 10, 2014, there was no ” Motion for Contempt of Court (Temporary Orders)” or Hearing, certainly not of which I was noticed or that was entered. 

    Judicial Piracy

 However, it is exactly such a fraudulent and backdated “Motion…” that does not appear on the “Judgments/Events” Tab of the Harris County Clerk’s website until May 14, 2014–I printed on May 16, 2014 as demonstrated in Exhibit II above.
Next, one will notice on Exhibit III, “Service/Notice” Tab under Cause No. 2007-05391, printed by myself from the public Harris County Clerk’s website in May 2014 as indicated by the date on such Exhibit (See “Precept still in possession of agency for process) that I still have yet to be properly noticed for the fake March 19, 2014 hearing that obviously never occurred, or for any other hearing for Contempt of Court and Child Support Enforcement, as falsely alleged by Attorney 

Lawrence/”Larry” Rothenberg (mailed documents to the wrong address–his client–….three times material…and a green certified return receipt request filled out with MY name …stapled to the bac of the envelopes with the correct mailing address and apparently lied and filed malicious documents perjured that falsely allege that for a year No child support paid which is a total lie and clear scheme to falsely imprison, or, “kidnap” under Texas Penal Code statute) for vexatious and harassing litigant (the sexually deviant pervert and criminal who has intention to distribute large amounts of M.D.M.A., DUI/DWI, and, since he was disrespectful to authorities and they had to take a blood sample when he was pulled over, was found with five (5) drugs/alcohol in his system, just that could be identified as it appears from substance screening reports that there were more trace unidentified substances in his system, Matthew James Worrell/a.k.a. “Matt James Worrell”–as whited out by a former Attorney Bruce Buskirk in collusion with Donna Everson, the exclusive attorney and guardian ad litem  for children of choice for Judges Millard and Moren as she is one of their highest campaign contributors 

(See Texas Tribune’s latest judicial campaign contribution figures, as reported), and notorious CPS Program Supervisor fraudster and child trafficker, Cheryl Harvick of Brazoria  County/Region 6 and her caseworker, Lesly Damian-Murray of Angleton, Texas, to make Mr. Worrell appear to have no searchable criminal record when they colluded to kidnap my only child as soon as my son’s father found out on May 04, 2012 that I was at the hospital with my son for the purpose of a sexual assault exam at the advice of my son’s physician, police officers (not the same ones who retaliated with Cheryl Harvick for making a complaint about her caseworker to the Office of Consumer Affairs), and at the command of Texas state law for which it is a harsh crime with a $2,000.00 fine not to report the allegations my son made regarding time spent at his father’s and with “The Visitor”–‘a teenager with black, spiky hair.'”

Concluding Questions:

I.     Will Judge Millard, Conrad Moren, and the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas and my son’s fathers attorneys and privately hired process server try to backdate and/or falsify a Proof of Service Return with the Court to make it appear that I was served and summoned to court, as is required by law when one faces jail time (six months/180 days)?
II.  Will the Court then issue a fraudulent and unconstitutional Writ of Capias, or bench warrant, to have me arrested for what they might allege as “failure to appear” (even though no due process of law will have occurred)?

III.  If the Court takes aforementioned fraudulent, and, by law, criminal actions against me, will they issue a criminal, civil, or a combination of criminal and civil charge so as to strategically deny me the right to a court-appointed attorney for which I would certainly qualify even though I would face jail time/false imprisonment, a federal offense?

IV.     Is the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas retaliating for the fact that I filed a federal lawsuit (See U.S. Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal’s Cause of Action No. 13-20605 in New Orleans for violation of mine and my only child’s First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment constitutional and civil rights), by myself, in propria persona, initially listing the 310th Court as a Defendant?

I demand fear I will be revered 

V.  Is Judge Lisa Millard emotionally unstable and guilty of treason against her duty to uphold the Supreme law and Constitution of our Land?

VI.  Would you trust Judge Lisa Millard to oversee a matter that involved your child?

VII.  Does Lisa Millard have any fiduciary interests (of conflict) with Child Advocates, Inc., Donna Everson’s employer for CPS?

VIII.  How much money did Lisa Millard earn for d/b/a Harris County, …., in 2012 and 2013 in a racketeering scheme, if any, with CPS and other BAR members and non-for-profits and Vince Ryan’s CPS court Prosecutor in the 310th Court, William Sumpter Frazier (who has the audacity and impropriety to chew on a cigar in court and use the “f” word while mocking distressed parents–somebody’s mother or father–to inappropriately bias others in court by insinuating that they are “looney birds,” by ordering perfectly healthy and normal, intelligent children into foster care, adoptions, institutions, by ordering perfectly loving and protective, healthy parents into “no contact” orders for a year before then ordering them into “SAFE” access and visitation sites that are 100% non-transparent with their donations and funding in the state of Texas–that is, currently, at least– and, finally, for enforcing child support on indigent single mothers in custody switching scams fueled by funding and kickbacks and campaign contributions from the H.H.S. in the form of (IR)”Responsible Fatherhood” state block grant Federal funding?

IX.     Did it give the “appearance of bias or prejudice” (Grounds for Immediate Recusal of a Judge and Reason for Transfer that, according to unified child court Communist social worker propaganda, will not happen) against me, a forced, self-represented litigant and mother of one very healthy, intelligent, and adorable little boy, when d/b/a Judge Lisa Millard took off her black robe (stepping out of her judicial role) on February 27, 2013 at the “Civil Building” Courthouse located at 201 Caroline, Houston, Texas  77002, came down to the cafeteria in the basement on the “break” that she called during the final trial for which I was not properly noticed and at which I was overruled on submitting all exculpatory evidence in my favor, right after my son’s father, the Petitioner and “Intervenor,” in said cause for “sole ‘managing’ ‘conservator ship’,” exited the cafeteria in the direction of the hallway from which Judge Lisa Millard came over to my table, where I had a witness, and said very menacingly and sarcastically threatened (just before she “ruled” on the pre-determined case as she signed all non-agreed, no-contract and no-contact “orders” null and void for the other parties before she allowed me to speak …but not to present any of my own or contravening evidence and reminded me repeatedly that her court was “not a ‘Constitutional Court!'”,

 “Well hello, Miss Saloom, I made a special point just to be here for you today.”  Her associate judge, Conrad Moren, DOES the dirty work as often as possible.  But then again, why wouldn’t he?  Afterall, he has Executive “Immunity” from Powers of Coast Guard (ha-ha-ha)!
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Real Jury, as Sovereign U.S. citizens of the Republics U.S. and Texas, and others, who are charged with the duty of electing such public officials to SERVE US, and I speak to the REAL Americans, What is Your Opinion?

Should you sign the Petition(s) attached to this blog to :
a.  Remove Judge Lisa Millard from the Bench
b. Sign the Petition (also attached to this blog) to Remove All Charges Against Clifford Hall, and/or
c.  Should You/We Start Our Own Petition To Bring My Only Child, Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom, home to me, UNSUPERVISED, in Addition to Calling for An Audit of the 310th Court and CPS files for the Purpose of Returning All Children Who Were Denied a Voice in Court and Improperly and Unconstitutionally “Removed,” or “Kidjacked” from the only parent(s) they had known ?

Stop family courts. Rescue our children.

d. Should Judge Lisa A. Millard and  Associate Judge Conrad Moren in the 310th Court of Harris County, Texas recused in the cause of myself and my only child?  Does there appear to be bias in Joni Saloom’s case?  Saloom has been allowed no meaningful contact with her now almost eight year-old son, her only property “child,” since he was 5 1/2–2 1/2 years ago though she was his only consistent and primary caregiver since his birth?  Would it matter knowing that Judge Millard moderated a CLE course the subject of which was how to not allow oneself to be “recused?”

e.  Should Matthew James Worrell  and his accomplices (including Kim Abernethy, CPS licensed, private”play therapist,”(therapeutic deceiver, that is),  Cheryl Harvick, Brazoria County CPS Supervisor who, with the help of complicit police officers in Pearland and Houston, Texas Officers Paul Elton and William Lilly, kidnapped my little boy, all of alleged father’s attorneys who knowingly took false affidavits an coached client to lie to officers of the court and on court record, Lesly Damian-Murray, CPS caseworker, Karen Coblentz, CPS Program Director for Brazoria County, Robin Gray/Robin Nelson (CPS Caseworker III employed at the Children’s Assessment 

Center/C.A.C., in Harris County, Debra Hatley, her supervisor, Tonya Clay (her Director), Dedra Latasha Hardaway (Brazoria County/Alvin, Texas, CPS caseworker who most likely referred Mr. Worrell to a subversive, on-the-list of cooperative counselors, the Worrell family, including Nancy Gray-Worrell and her family (who had prior knowledge and fair warning of what this man was capable of doing to me and my son as he and his mother had a documented history of kidnapping and secreting my child during my primary managing conservatorship and making numerous false reports to CPS and police to try to get me arrested and steal my child),  be prosecuted for, inter alia, malicious prosecution, perjury, repeated harassment, stalking, intention to cause severe emotional affliction and distress, extortion, fraud, forgery, obstructing justice by lying or misleading officers of the law, failure to protect a possibly vulnerable small child while his brain was still growing at a critical age, financial crimes, defrauding the federal government for abusing Title IV-D and attempting Title IV-E funding, defrauding the state of Texas’ Office of Child Support Enforcement, Committing Crimes Against the state in the form of Government Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, mismanagement of state and federal appropriated funds, negligence, intent to kidnap a child under the color of law with malice, criminal conspiracy to kidnap or secrete a child, interference with child custody, child enticement, and defamation of character with malice, falsifying government documents, cruelty to a child, and/or coaching a five year old to describe in great detail disgusting sexual acts to multiple community professionals by the people who stood to profit the most?
f. Would it make a difference to start Court-Watching (see the Movement in the 1980’s who did just that in the family courts in Harris County, Texas);

g. Wold it make a positive difference to bombard the 310th Court Clerk, Chris Daniel, Harris County Clerk’s office and private line, Vince Ryan’s Office, and Judge Ed Emmett, head of the Harris County Children’s Commissioners Court who profits and pays all of alleged guilty parties to act in the worst interest of children and failing to protect theirs and their parents’ constitutional rights, as herein charged?

h. Should we bombard Brazoria County Court Officials and Judges with Phonecalls, Court-Watching, Letters, Petitions, at City Council Meetings, etc., regarding their public (on the Internet–See Jeri Yenne, D.A.’s statements regarding CPS) refusal to obey Fifth Circuit Court and Texas state law and CPS mandated policy to respect the constitutional and civil rights of parents and children who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way around?
Call or e-mail me any time at : (713) 240-1727;; or write to me about your story or ideas/opinions/actions at c/o 4430 Morris Drive, Pearland, Texas  77584.
Legal Disclaimer:

(1) This post is made in good faith with the hope of deterrence of crimes  those hired to serve and protect the Real America and the Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real Republic US of America.

(2) All of the content in this post is protected by the First Amendment to the Federal US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights as ratified and applied through the Fourteenth Amendment as noticed and sufficiently informed.

(3) If anyone desires a retraction or modification of content in this post based in good faith, please contact author of this blog and said author will reasonably and lawfully act.

  Demand justice from Harris County family courts

I am once again calling for a review of all 10 family courts operation in Harris county in an effort to prevent judicial crimes committed against Harris County residents. In particular review of cases involving Conservatory, Court reporters, property distribution and child support, document manipulation including documents that are supposed to be transferred from the family courts to the courts of Appeal, witness tampering and cases involving  constitutional, civil and due process violations.

The good news for residents of  Harris County Texas is the Court system has bottom when comes to integrity, it is at an all time low and can only get better, providing hope for fairer, more equitable and just legal decisions for residents of this great County.

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Image result for FREE PHOTOS CORRUPT JUDGESImage result for FREE PHOTOS CORRUPT JUDGESWhat can possibly be wrong with family courts in Harris County Texas? the obvious answer is it seem like every thing imaginable.  This court system might be the most lawless Government Institution in Texas.

Family courts are more unpredictable and feared  of any branch of government in Texas today.There the law is not what the judges say but what each individual judge claims the law is to him and what his ruling is going to be irrespective of laws, statutes constitution or president.

In July 2018 Family court judge Charley Prine dismiss a family court case that was filed in 2015. He dismissed the case irrespective of the fact that the petitioner was in court on foru occasions in the past 2 months.  In 2015 Judge Prine ordered a default judgement without process or prof of service, then threw the petitioner from his home of 14 years, turning the home to the respondent that had abandoned the house two years earlier.

Process Service.
This is done by providing a copy of the official legal documents filed with the court in a specific manner, called “service of process.” The person or entity instigating the action, the “plaintiff,” is then required to provide proof that the other party, the “defendant,” has been properly served by filing a Proof of Service form with the court. To explore this concept, consider the following proof of service definition.

Prine had neither certificate or prof of service.

Judge Prine was recused from the case by an administrative judge and the case was assigned to court 309. Well what do you know? the Judge for court 309 and 246 worked prior as judge and associate Judge and in August 2018 the Judge of 309 recused the court recognizing possible conflict of interest.
On December 5th,  Court 310 was selected  to hear motions to Return the case to conditions that existed prior to the Dismissal of the case by Judge Prine in July 2018, to reinstate the case and to end wage garnishment.

Here comes Associate Judge Conrad Mohen to adjudicate the motions and began with a sequence of comedy of unbelievable errors that had some to question if this was a rehearsal or an actual hearing. The judge called the docket for 10 am and both parties for the hearing reported present. At about 10:45 the judge called the parties for the hearing referencing the above motions. The Petitioner was called and approached the bench. The Judge could be seen reading for a prolong period while the petitioner waited.
                                               Trial court judge 246, angriest most out of control judge.

The Judge after about 5 minutes ordered the Petitioner to present his case. No swearing or affirmation and no respondent. The petitioner pointed to the judge that the respondent was in court and might be in the corridor. Judge Mohen ordered an officer to call the respondent.

The respondent entered the court room and the judge ordered the petitioner to begin testifying. Again no swear or affirmation. The petitioner summarized his motion, then the judge requested of the respondent whether she opposed the motions. The respondent answered yes then the judge shouted motions dismissed. Again the respondent was not sworn or provided affirmation.

Image result for FREE PHOTOS CORRUPT JUDGESThe question is what was the judge thinking when he ignored basic requirements of courts real or fiction to swear or have litigant affirm truthfulness prior to providing testimony.The other question is what took the judge 5 minutes to read two obvious and simple motions. If a case is dismissed all temporary orders associated with the case are essentially made moot, which is the situation in this case. Also a motion to reinstate was timely filed and accepted by the court. The judge has to respond to the motion within about 75 days. failing to respond the reinstatement should be effected as affirmed.

There was also a motion to end garnishment that the judge claimed was not on the docket and that the judge would not entertain. Well,  the judge needed only read the motions and the notice of hearing accepted by the clerk and he would have known the motion was on the docket.

Judge Mohen left me with the impression that he disliked the history of the case and decided to initiate a mockery of a trial he knew he was going to arbitrarily deny without testimony.  How  does his decision aid any party to the case?A review of the docket entry reveals no reason for the dismissal of the motions. a Judge is supposed to provide direction that resolves dispute. Can anyone conclude this semblance of a banana republic mockery help resolve any dispute.

Early demonstration against family court 246

Judge Mohen continues to degrade the reputation of Harris county family courts. The reputation of the court is in peril and embarrassing incidents like these only add to the the lack of profession integrity in the courts. These motions were not addressed by the judge with any level of integrity, there was no basis for these dismissals and it is laughable to have a respondent simply say I disagree with a motion and for judge to conclude the motion warrants dismissal. It that the acceptable standard for evidence in Harris County family courts?

Unless and until these judges are made to be responsible for their decisions the judicial  system in Harris county will continue to be in chaos with stories of corruption and judicial malpractice over shadowing the court. 

Not a lawyer. This article does not constitute legal advice. Consult an attorney for legal advice.

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Amazing stats from the Census Bureau regarding Family Courts.

The Census Bureau reported in 2002  21.5 million parents had custody of children and 13.4 million children with other parents. Family court judges controlled the private lives of 48.3 million . The Census Bureau reported $40 billion dollars in transfer payments were made between State and  family  legal institutions  from house holds this money transfers are either controlled or initiated by Family Court judges, in many instances associate judges.

 These shocking statistics show that family courts are now an arm of government that routinely exercises virtually unlimited power to dictate the private lives and income of millions of American citizens who have committed no actionable offense. The reason these figures are so  extraordinary is that family courts exercise the same power to dictate the private lives and income of parents who are self-supporting, law-abiding, and responsible in the care of their children, as family courts exercise over parents who are none of those things.

 Major social trends of the past three decades, including no-fault divorce, illegitimate births, the feminist movement, the redefinition of domestic violence, and aggressive enforcement of household-support laws, have vastly increased the number of Americans who come into family courts. Decisions of family court judges are seldom reported in law books and seldom appealed or reviewed. Not only do few people have the funds to finance an appeal, but since decisions are a matter of judicial discretion, the chances of overturning a family court judge are close to zero unless gross judicial abuse can be proved.

 Divorcing parties who separate amicably and reach a private final agreement to divide their property may not realize the power of the family court. Decisions about child custody and household support are never final and are always subject to attack by either parent. One parent can challenge a private custody agreement at any time for any reason. The family court has the power to ignore private agreements about child custody, even if in writing and signed, and order new custody and support terms on Judges Take Over Parents’ Rights  the theory that new circumstances require the court to reevaluate its prior decision.

 Family court judges amassed these powers by co-opting and changing the definition of a time-honored concept: “the best interest of the child.” The original concept of the best interest of the child comes from English common law as compiled by William Blackstone in , who said that parents are presumed to act in their own children’s best interest. Courts honored parents’ rights by recognizing a legal presumption that the best interest of the child is whatever a fit parent says it is, and that a court should not second-guess a parent or substitute its own opinion. About thirty years ago, as states revised their family-law statutes, the concept of best interest of the child became disconnected from parents’ decisions.

 Family courts got the idea that they have discretion to make independent decisions about what is in a child’s best interest, especially for children of divorced or unmarried parents, even though little or no objective standards are set forth in statutes. The concept that persons other than parents are better able to decide what is the best interest of a child is illustrated by the slogan “it takes a village to raise a child.”

 The notion that the “village” should make childrearing decisions rather than parents is manifested in the way the public schools have taken over many responsibilities tradi- tionally in the domain of parents, such as providing meals, healthcare, and pre-kindergarten services. Public schools notoriously assert their right to override parental decisions about the assignment of books that parents find immoral or profane, the use of privacy-invading questionnaires, teach-

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Anniversary of a family Court 246 Harris County Texas Judge Charley Prine mess up.

I came in contact with Family Court Judge Charley Prine in 2015 when I filed for divorce in a case where my X abandoned the home leaving the children with me. This was the best result ending many years of turmoil. January 8th 2016 was the pre trial for my divorce case and I showed up and waited for about 3 hours when a 5 foot 3 inch chubby guy walked towards me and indicated he was representing my X. I inquired of him as to his contact and email address but he barked something to the effect that I would get that information in time.

Months passed but I never did hear from the Attorney. Then he requested hearings only to either not show or request resets. Early June 2016 I received a court date that he requested, arrived in court waited for hours but there was no show by the attorney. About 1 pm he showed, requested a reset then strolled toward the clerk office. I followed him only to overhear him requesting a date for the following week. I informed him in the presence of the clerk that I would be out of State for the remainder of the month of June and that I would be back 1st week in July.

The attorney was notably angry stormed away and said I will get you using time since you do not know what you are doing.

        Prine was dividing assets prior to trial.
I returned to Houston 25 of June and decided to hire an attorney since my X had herself hired one that seem to me to be lacking credibility. We immediately researched the court docket to find a secret hearing was conducted on June 21st 2016 without notice to me, or process service that resulted in a default judgement. I immediately filed a motion to set aside and a motion to modify the the default judgement.

Any one of these motions should have
         Prine Had already made up his mind.
represented a legal appearance and should have negated the default judgement. Yet Judge Prine decided to have his associate Ramos hear the motion for modifying the judgement and he denied the motion to set aside. DENIED he shouted loudly. We requested a reason and he said sarcastically I never said you cannot file a motion to modify to which we replied we already did.

The motion to modify started but was reset until October 31st when final trial began. This judge was prepared to do every thing in his power to ensure he his predetermined preference was established in this case. The judge refused a jury that I had requested and paid for on the day of the trial. I arrived in court and it was obvious after  3 attempts at final without a jury, Judge Prine was going through the motion knowing no jury was going to upset his plans or alter his pre decided decision concluding the case.

On November 1st concluding 12 hours of trial Prine sat on his chair and attempted to shred my life to threads. He  gave my X sole managing conservator of the children and imposed child support totaling about 40% of my income. In Texas neither parent  can loose managing conservator of  their child unless that parent is a threat to the child and community properity is usually divided 50/50%. My children lived with me all their life, even after their mother abandoned the home. I was thrown from my home by means of an illegal default judgement, ordered by judge Prine. My home of 14 years.
Judge Prine tears caring parents from their children. I am under no illusion, judge Prine cares less about best interest of children and more about the amount of money he brings into the State coffers.

Judge Prine gave control to a mother who admitted using Vicodin. She explained she had the medication from 2006 when she gave birth. The drug was found in 2014 when she abandoned the home and the honorable judge fell for that. Judge Prine ordered she sell my work van and give me 30% of the proceeds from the sale, he ordered I purchase insurance and name her as beneficiary.

 He ordered I pay her credit card debts  she incurred from her aggressive night life. The judge deprived me of my work van that I purchased months prior to my X abandoning the home. The judge ruled that I was cruel to my X and I committed adultery with absolutely no evidence. In hind sight he knew that a fault divorce was the only way he could take conservatory of my children a strip from me everything I owned but the clothes on my back. Texas is a no fault state most divorces are due to insupportable. Prine had to find fault in order for him to reap havoc, depriving me of ability to earn a living.

Judge Prined initially ruled that an account opened in a foreign country years prior to marriage be taken over by my X. Prine has his own children and family yet he does not care about other parents children.

I have filed a civil rights law suite against Prine and discovery is to begin in December, in spite of Prine ridiculous defense that I have no jurisdiction, venue or lost to file a case against him. Prine sure has nerves.

After three attempts to recuse Prine from my case an administrative judge has concluded due to economy concerns and question of legal facts Prine should be recuse. The assign court of which Prine was Judge voluntarily recuse itself noting possible conflict. Judge Prine has so poisoned this case that  other judges are reluctant to be involved with it.

Prine once said to me that it took 4 years to become a lawyer and there I was playing lawyer. I thought his point of view was correct. Today I am scheduling graduation with an associate degree on route to the 4 year degree he suggested.
I have filed more than 250 motions and notices to family district courts, filed 2 appeals to the Court of Appeals, an appeal to the Texas Supreme court and a Civil rights law suit to the Southern Federal District Court. My desire is to take my Civil Rights law suit all the was to the United States Supreme Court.

I am now a card carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union and a solider in the fight against civil rights violations of every American. Thanks to Prine I am a certified election observer and will be volunteering at a polling station for the November 6 midterm elections.
I am not disappointed rather thrilled for the opportunity presented to me because of obvious evil and mischief that I experience at the hands of Judge Prine. Whether Prine loses or wins the election on Tuesday I am sure he will never the same punitive and repressive man that he is today. Some way we have to expose wrong doers in our communities especially public sector officials.
Judges are to uphold the oath to be fair and just. Family court judges should not be punitive and oppressive. Their professionalism should bring them respect. Judge Prine uses violence anger and intimidation to drive litigants in his court into submission.

We have to protect our children from all sources of evil especially evil from institutions charged with assuring  their best interest. Judge Prine has proven to be a bad, reckless judge he is a liability to communities, children and parents. This blog warns of reckless judicial officials who prey on minorities who are no match for their power and influence.

I hope no family has to experience what I have experienced from the hand of family court  judge 246 Harris County Texas. I advise every voter this election season Republican, Independent or Independent. Regardless of your ethnicity, not vote  for Judge Charley Prine. For our children and communities Prine is a liability.

We have to remind politicians and the judicial community with the potential to affect lives and interfere with liberty that the result of reckless decision, political and judicial oppression against law abiding citizens can only lead to anarchy. Family court judges cannot be given legislative  immunity from prosecution by politicians. The power that judges enjoy is enormous. That politicians would tie the hands of litigants with limited resources and expect them to receive justice against a judicial army is ridiculous and frankly mischievous. These politicians are not credible and are not working consistent with their oath or the best interest of the country.

America's greatest need is to restore justice for all. Our major problems are associated with injustice and violation of Civil and Constitutional rights regardless of which political party is in power. We as citizens have to recognize that fact and use political cycles to effect change. If we dont we are like foot ball players allowing the ball access to our own goals instead of defending it.



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Sunday, April 29, 2018


Reference Info on Judicial Immunity. I am not an Attorney. This article does not constitute legal advice. Congress have given Judges rights that are not afforded any other American including The President, Congressmen and Woman, Governors or Ambassadors. Although judges should be able to function without interference from politicians or public interests, they should not be given blank immunity from prosecution. Some of the most unthinkable crimes against common American citizens are being committed by judges. Judges continue to rank among the highest in professional crime offenders per ca pita in America. Yet it is almost impossible to sue a judge.

 Given the knowledge of immunity, judges continue to reap havoc in the lives of vulnerable Americans. The case of Ulrich v. Butler case # 09-7660, was a civil case attempting to hold the Court to limits as defined by Constitutional and Statutory Law. Here is the US Supreme Court decision. Here are the details; fasten your seat belt: In the Eleventh Judicial District of Illinois,

Woodford County, in a civil case, an individual’s civil and constitutional rights were denied as the third judge in the case (first two Judges were recused after review by the Judicial Review Board) did deny multiple requests to have all proceedings recorded, did state that no motions or petitions as filed by the individual would be heard, did illegally incarcerate the individual without regard to Habeas Corpus, did knowingly ignore Illinois state statutes, and not only violated due process of Law, but denied equal protection under the law.

 Failure to obtain substantial Justice in state courts lead to suits being filed in Federal Court under Title 42 United States Code standard 1983.This suit asks for Relief of all orders made in violation of the Law, that Due Process of Law be allowed, and further issue relief as the court deems appropriate. The Federal District Judge in the Case stated that although the Court does not know the details of the case that a Judge performing Judicial Functions enjoys absolute immunity and further stated that a Jury would not be allowed in the case.

The appellate court without allowing a brief supported this order. While a Judge performing Judicial functions may enjoy Immunity, denial of constitutional and civil rights are absolutely not a judicial function and conflicts with any definition of a Judicial function. Response to denials were Motions to reinstate using the Constitutional Articles as a major Guide, along with the Judges Oath of Office, and canons of Judicial Code of Conduct. The responses also included page after page of case law where both appellate courts and the Supreme Court did hold judges accountable when their knowing and willing actions fell outside the boundaries of their job description.

 That failure to follow simple guidelines of their post makes a judge's action no longer a Judicial act but an Individual act as the act represents their own prejudices and goals. Case Law also states that when a judge acts as a trespasser of the law, when a judge does not follow the law, he then loses subject matter jurisdiction and the Judges orders are void, of no legal force or affect. In a limited government, a government limited by the constitution, the violation of a citizens rights should never be justified due to the overriding government goals or objectives, and that no branch of the government be allowed to extend it's power beyond it's legal limits.

The above issues are one of the outstanding reasons why the framers of the constitution installed Trial by Jury as the Seventh Amendment. In a government of the people is it not a threat to our way of life to allow Government actors to ignore the guidelines that define their power. Also check out Stephen Ulrich's Motions regarding judicial immunity ________________________________________ Read the case of Judge Antonio Almeida who took bribes and refused to cooperate when caught. This case has an excellent brief against absolute judicial immunity and the court's response. Fasten your seatbelt...again. ________________________________________ How To Possibly Sue a Judge Note: this information was submitted by a Constitutional Attorney years ago who since has said this rarely works anymore. One must keep in mind that we are not a country of laws anymore.

 We are a country where laws are creatively interpreted. This means you can go in with all the case law on point A and the court will decide the case on point D, Section 3B. The courts routinely back pedal on deciding cases that go against the status quo, especially in the cases involving judicial immunity. This is not intending to discourage you from seeking relief - just know many times the relief you get will be the embarrassment and publicity you bring to the wrongdoer. If Everyone Did This Every Time They Experienced Legal Misconduct We Would Not Be In This Mess

. Has a judge violated your constitutional rights? Have you been discriminated against by being treated differently than other people in similar situations by reason of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference or political opinion? Have you lost certain rights without a meaningful hearing or even an opportunity to be heard? Have you been deprived of any other constitutional protection? Have you been subject to Court action for the purpose of intimidating you from exercising an opinion, or practicing your faith?

 Don't let them get away with it. Although it is almost impossible to recover monetary damages from a judge (unless you can prove he or she acted ultra-vires beyond his or her legal jurisdiction) it is in fact possible to obtain relief in equity against a judge through civil rights actions. Equitable relief includes: • declaratory relief - (rulings by another judge in the form of opinions establishing the constitutionality or lack of constitutionality of another judges actions.) • injunctive relief - a command or order to do something or refrain from doing so.

 As a general rule, however, judges cannot be held liable for money damages for acts done in the exercise of his judicial function, within the limits of his jurisdiction, no matter how erroneous, illegal or malicious his acts may be. (48A Corpus Juris Secundum §86) A minority of decisions have held that if an inferior judge acts maliciously or corruptly he may incur liability. Kalb v. Luce, 291 N.W. 841, 234, WISC 509. Federal Civil Rights statutes, and possibly Bivens actions, appear to offer the best path for redressing constitutional grievances with state and federal judges, respectively, in Federal Court.

As a practical matter, such cases will usually be brought by pro se litigants. Neither the politics nor economics of law practice permits lawyers to pursue such cases nor makes them affordable except to a small elite of citizens. However, lawyers who do successfully sue state judges in federal court in Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 cases can recover attorney's fees from judicial defendants provided they can show time sheets kept contemporaneously with their work.

 The most important step you have to take in beginning your lawsuit is in writing the complaint that will be conforming to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (available in every Government Bookstore or from the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC.) Properly drafted complaints need not be prepared by a lawyer. All that is required is a very fundamental understanding of a few basic constitutional principles and a typewriter and paper. Handwritten complaints can also be filed in court.

 Each federal court publishes its own local rules which can impose some additional requirements, but essentially there are only a handful of things you need to know. 1. Each complaint has a caption reading "United States District Court, District of (name the jurisdiction e.g. Southern New York or Eastern California.) 2. Each complaint includes a caption indicating the name of the plaintiff, and the name of the defendant. The words "individually and in his official capacity" should appear after the name of the defendant judge.

 The words "Verified Complaint" should appear on the right side of the caption. Your caption should appear like this: United States District Court District of (State) Civil Docket No. _______ John Doe, Plaintiff vs. VERIFIED COMPLAINT Bobby Roe, individually and in his/her official capacity as Justice of the Superior Court ) of [*****] County, Defendant A couple of spaces below, you must begin to spell out your reasons for bringing your complaint to Court. Make an outline of your case. First, state your "Jurisdictional Basis" in Paragraph I. I usually write as follows: JURISDICTIONAL BASIS I. Plaintiff claims federal jurisdiction pursuant to Article III § 2 which extends the jurisdiction to cases arising under the U.S. Constitution.

 Next you should write Paragraph II stating the precise Statutory Authority why you brought the case. If you are suing a state judge, you will state: II. Plaintiff brings this suit pursuant to Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 for violations of certain protections guaranteed to him by the First, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments (select which apply) of the federal Constitution, by the defendant under color of law in his/her capacity as a judge in the Superior Court of (****) County. If you are suing a federal judge, state: "Plaintiff brings this action against (name), a federal judicial officer, pursuant to Title 28 U.S. Code § 1331, in claims arising from violations of federal constitutional rights guaranteed in the (fill in) amendments to the U.S. Constitution and redress able pursuant to Bivens v. Six Unknown Narcotics Agents 403 U.S. 388 (1971)."

 Be aware that the issue of whether federal judicial officers can in fact be sued under this authority is unresolved, but my opinion is that there is a strong implication in the affirmative based on the language in many cases. Your complaint should then have a section entitled "Parties". The next two paragraphs would read: III. Plaintiff (Your name) is a natural person residing at (Your address), (County), (State). IV. Defendant is a Judge presiding at (fill in.) Following this you must now describe your claim in detail, giving legal and factual basis for your case.

 This portion of the case is entitled "Statement of Case" What kind of factual pattern would give rise to a successful claim under the federal civil rights law? Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 reads as follows: Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress.

 The burden of proof is upon the plaintiff to show that the defendant judge acted unconstitutionally or outside of his/her jurisdiction. If the judge engaged in an egregious discrimination against males in a divorce court, minorities in state criminal cases, members of an unpopular religious group in confrontation with government authorities and treated suspiciously in court or members of a "fringe" political group, these situations can give rise to a claim of denial of equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment.

 If a judge permits an ex parte attachment, i.e. seizure of real estate without giving you notice of a hearing in a state court proceeding, this is a deprivation of property without due process, violating the Fifth Amendment as well as the Fourteenth Amendment. Ex parte restraining orders forcing men or women out of their homes based on abuse allegations in state courts are a primary and rampant example of violations of constitutional rights today, and certainly actionable in federal court. The first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights are self explanatory.

Violations of any of the rights described in these amendments give rise to causes of action, both against state judges under Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and arguably against federal judges in Bivens actions. Pro se litigants should give a clear and concise description of what happened in chronological order, identifying the judge, the date, time, and place of his or her action, and specifying which acts violated which constitutional amendments.

The complaint finishes with a section entitled "Prayer for Relief." In such a case you can ask for an injunction ordering another judge to so something, or to refrain from doing something. Successful use of these suits has been made to nullify attachments, end incarcerations, declare laws or court practices unconstitutional and scare the heck out of black robed tyrants with gavels. See Pulliam v. Allen, 466 U.S. 522 (1983). I often phrase my prayers for relief as follows: Wherefore plaintiff prays this Court issue equitable relief as follows: 1. Issue injunctive relief commanding defendant to . . . 2. Issue declaratory relief as this Court deems appropriate just. 3. Issue other relief as this Court deems appropriate and just. 4. Award plaintiff his costs of litigation. Respectfully submitted, (Your signature) Your name printed Your address City, State, Zip Code Telephone No. Statement of

Verification I have read the above complaint and it is correct to the best of my knowledge. Your signature Complaints are filed in the Civil Clerk's Office in the United States District Court for your district. Federal rules now allow for service of process by certified mail. You will be required to serve the defendant judge and also your state attorney general if you are suing a state judge. The pro se road will be easier if you study the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, obtain a Black's Law Dictionary and familiarize yourself with legal research methods.

You must also read the Local Rules of the Federal Court where you are suing, and learn Constitutional law fast. Using a lawyer as a coach is helpful. Bear in mind that your lawsuit is disfavored because it is against a judge. Nevertheless, our system of "justice" is in such tough shape that suits against judges are a socio-political necessity. Complaints should be photocopied, disseminated to the legislature, the media and political action groups. Perhaps the cumulative impact of these suits will bring a healthy radical change for the American people.